Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loan Rules...more forgiving than you think.


A player may purchase the Loan ability that allows the player to ‘borrow’ funds from Solaris’ underworld.

However, on Solaris, how much a player can borrow is tied to a player’s fame. The Loan is represented on the PC sheet by a negative number. A player may only have one Loan out at a time; when the player’s cash is back in the positive range, the Loan is erased from the PC’s sheet and may then be purchased again, if desired.

Loans may be carried indefinitely, the only requirement being that they be repaid before another loan is take out.

The Loan ability is not affected by pilot injury.  The Loan ability does not take up one of the players four  Ability slots.  For the sake of playability, consider a Loan’s interest already calculated into the loan amount. 
         PC’s current Fame          Loan amount maximum

0 0
1-3 250,000
4-7 500,000
8-12 1,500,000
13-15 2,500,000
16-18 4,000,000
19-25 6,500,000
26+ 10,000,000

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