Saturday, June 11, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Kaari "Firebush" Byronne

 Name: Kaari Byronne



Taurian Concordat

Suballtern (Captain)

1st Corp, Red
Chassueurs, 2nd Battalion

Current Battlemechs:

Awesome AWS-9Q
Berserker BRZ-B3

Arena Kills: 8

Best finish:
3rd (of 10) - The Factory - Battle #1

Current Stable: Tandrek Stables

Current Sponsors:


Kaari started her career as a rather feisty grunt in the Taurian Ground Forces. She started as a heavy weapon specialist and spent her early years as a vehicle support weapon gunner. She received decorations for her actions in support of rescuing Concordat wounded on Setlek 7.

After a few years she applied for and got a posting to sniper school. Kaari became an accomplish sniper for the Concordat. She became a member of one of the Taurian Concordat Offworld Antagonist Teams, the Concordats euphemism for black ops assassins.


Eventually heavy losses to the Taurian Mechwarrior Force caused the High Command to search for new candidates in the active military. Because of Byronnes’ sniper apptitude she was selected. Again she excelled in her new role but saw on limited action as the current war drew to a close.

When the Taurian Concordat began to look at potential pilots to send to Solaris, Kaari seemed a shoe in. Although there were certainly many more experienced pilots within the Concordat, she was a polar opposite of the stereotypical Taurian officer. Where the average Taurian MechWarrior is a dour, weather beaten, fatalistic warrior, Byronne is a humorous, energetic and vivacious adventurer. Exactly the image that the Concordat wants to sell to the galaxy at large, to show that they are a rising power with limitless potential.

The dual PPC wielding BLACKJACK BJ-3 is a mech well suited to her style of piloting too.

So watch out Solarians…there’s a spunky new sheriff in town named FIREBUSH. And don’t sit still for too long…or you too may have fire down below.

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