Friday, May 27, 2011

Stable: Lion City Stables

Name: Lion City Stables

Faction: House Steiner

Rating: B

Mechs Lists Available: 
House Steiner

Minimum Fame Required: 10

Character Point (CP) Cost: 15

C-Bill Entry Fee:   1,500,000

Special Abilities:  Intensive training for Long Ranged attacks at the expense of all other training.  Mechs are ranged to that weapons will converge at long range, costing short range accuracy.  These adjustments and lack of training also impairs the mechwarriors ability to make physical attacks.
  • -1 To Hit for any Long Range ranged attack. (+3 total)
  • +1 to Hit for any Short Range ranged attack (+1 total)
  • +1 to Hit for any Physical attacks
  • -5% Repair costs

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