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Prize Money and Character Development (How to get CP, Fame and C-Bills)

Prize Money and Character Development (How to earn CP, Fame and C-Bills)
As play progresses, players can gain fame, fortune, and increased Mechwarrior abilities. Certain acts, feats, kills, and moves can add CP’s, Fame, and / or C-Bills to your character.
See the table below for a list of what you could earn or be penalized for.

Kill Solo Awards Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes
3+ class lesser 0 4 $1,200,000
2 class lesser 1 4 $1,600,000
1 class less 2 5 $1,900,000
Equal class 3 6 $2,400,000
1 class greater 3 6 $2,600,000
2 class greater 4 6 $2,800,000
3+ class greater 5 7 $3,500,000
Underdog Fame 2 0 0 For every 10 fame lower than Kill.
Assisted Kill Awards Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes
3+ class lesser, Assist 0 2 $100,000
2 class lesser, Assist 0 2 $400,000
1 class less, Assist 1 2 $450,000
Equal class, Assist 1.5 3 $700,000
1 class greater, Assist 2 3 $800,000
2 class greater, Assist 2 3 $900,000
3+ class greater, Assist 2 4 $1,250,000
Underdog Fame 1 0 0 For Every 10 fame lower than Kill.
Crippling attack Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes
3+ classes less 0 0 $175,000 1st crippling damage only
2 classes less 0.5 1 $250,000 1st crippling damage only
1 class less 1 2 $500,000 1st crippling damage only
Equal 1 2 $1,250,000 1st crippling damage only
1 class greater 2 3 $1,500,000 1st crippling damage only
2 classes greater 2 4 $1,750,000 1st crippling damage only
3+ classes greater 3 4 $2,000,000 1st crippling damage only
If multiple units do crippling damage in the same turn, all those units get the award.

Special Attack types Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes
Melee (Non-Weapon) 0 2 $50,000 Must be successful
Melee (Weapon) 1 3 $100,000 Must be successful
Head Hit, non-lethal 1 3 $100,000
Head Hit, lethal -10 3 $50,000 Mech salvaged by killer
Critical hit, Engine 1 1 $100,000
Critical hit,Gryo 1 2 $150,000
Critical hit, Hip 1 3 $250,000
Critical hit, Other 0 1 $50,000
Critical hit, Ammo 1 3 $250,000
Charge, successful 1 2 $200,000
Charge, failed 0 1 $20,000
Death From Above, successful 3 6 $1,000,000
Death From Above, failed 1 3 $100,000

 Flashy Moves Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes
Successfully hitting 4 mechs 1 5 $150,000 Ranged attacks in 1 turn
Dealing 20-39 damage to 1 target 0 1 $50,000 1 phase
Dealing 40-59 damage to 1 target 1 2 $150,000 1 phase
Dealing 60+ damage  2 3 $350,000 1 phase
Blowing off Arm or leg 3 4 $500,000 Critical roll only

Withdrawing / Ejecting Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes (Only ONE)
Mech Destroyed -2 0 $0 CT or cockpit destruction
Withdrawing with crippled mech 1 3 $0 See crippled rules
Ejecting -2 1 $0 Auto or Manual
Surrendering -1 0 -$250,000

Penalty Actions Fame CP Earned C-Bills Notes
Personal injury -0.5 0 $0 Once per session
Killing Stable mate -6 0 -$5,000,000 Actual Mechwarrior - not the mech.
Withdrawing / Changing Stable -4 -8 -$2,000,000
Withdrawing / Changing Sponsor -2 -4 -$450,000

All bonuses / penalties are cumulative unless otherwise noted.

Remember Clan mechs are counted as one weight class higher.  So a Light Clan mech = a Medium Inner Sphere mech.

A Mech is considered a Kill when...
  • It loses the last CT internal structure
  • It takes a 3rd Engine hit
  • It takes a 2nd Gyro hit
  • Its cockpit is destroyed, either through critical hit or head internal structure loss.
  • Its mechwarrior ejects
  • Its loses its 4th limb
  • The mechwarrior surrenders (Firing the surrender flare)
Mechs can receive an "Assisted" kill if multiple mechs make what would be a killing blow in the same phase.

Example: Josh is about to drop with only 2 structure left in his CT internals.  His Locust is already crippled having lost a side torso.  Jeff, Mitch and Kyle all shoot at Josh.  Jeff hits the CT with a medium laser, Mitch hits Josh in the CT with an AC10, and Kyle Hits Josh in the head with a Gauss Rifle.  None of the players get credit for a Solo Kill, but the all receive the Kill Assisted award based upon the weight class of their mech.  

You can only ever earn a single "assisted" kill from a single mech, even if you manage to do enough damage to finish the mech in multiple ways.  Meaning if you Shoot off the mechs 4th limb, and do the 2nd crit on a Gyro in the same phase another player headcaps that same target, you only will get one "Assisted" kill, and the headcapper will get one assisted kill.

(Added 7/6) The credit for the "kill" when a mech surrenders is awarded to any mech that attempted to do damage to the surrendering mech in this or the prior turn.  If only one mech shot at or attempted a physical attack on the surrendering mech then they are awarded a solo kill, other wise all mechs that attempted attacks are awarded an assisted kill.  If no mech attempted an attack on the surrendering mech this or the prior turn then all mech remaining on the battlefield receive an assisted kill.  Likewise should a mech fire their "Surrender flare" due to not being engaged (three strikes) then all mech on the battlefield receive an assisted kill, unless there is only one mech then they get a solo kill.

A Mech is considered "Crippled" when one of the following occurs...
  • It loses the last internal structure from one of the side torsos
  • It loses a leg
  • It loses its second arm
  • It loses its second sensors
  • It takes its second engine hit.
  • It takes its first Hip critical
  • It takes its first Gyro critical
The first one of any of those instances is considered the "Crippling" damage.  The mech that does the damage will be given the crippling award.
  • If multiple mechs do crippling damage in the same turn then all mechs that did crippling damage are given the award.
  • You will only be awarded crippling damage once for any given mech, even if you do multiple crippling damages in the same phase. (Taking out a side torso, and critting a gyro in the same shooting phase counts as one "Crippling" attack.)
  • If a mech is crippled after taking falling damage, then all the mechs that contributed to the fall are given the award (crippled after falling from taking 20pts). 
  • If a mech is destroyed the same phase it is crippled, then only the Kill award is given.
(Edit - Changed layout of table so it is easier to read and Fame column is first like on character sheets.  Was confusing swapping the numbers for each award.  Also re-alligned to Solo Kill and Assisted Kill, so you could get the info from one row, rather than having to add or subtract based on the size difference.)

(Clarified the rule: You will only get one "mech loss penalty"... Ejecting, Mech destroyed, Surrendered, or Withdraws.  Ejection trumps Mech destroyed.)

PRIMARY TARGET RULE (Added for Battle #7 and rest of campaign.)

In order to get credit for an Assisted Kill, you must have fired the Majority of the weapons you fired that turn at the killed target.  (Read that again, Majority, which means more than half)
Meaning in your Awesome, you shoot 4 PPC's that turn, If you shot three of them at a target that got killed, You will get credit for an assisted kill. If you shot only two or one at that target that got credit.

"Call it the Primary target" rule, who every you are shooting the majority of your weapons at, gets give you the chance at an assisted kill.  I'll make some Primary target markers for us to use if we are shooting at multiple targets.

There are only three exceptions to the Primary Target rule where you can get credit for a Kill if it is not your primary target.

1) You shoot weapons at a secondary target, and you manage to kill that target by yourself, you still get the solo kill.

2) You Head Cap your non-primary target, killing the mechwarrior.  You get the Solo Kill, and the penalties that go along with it.

3) No one had declared a mech as a primary target, yet all the secondary fire at it manages to kill that mech.  Everyone that shot will get credit for an Assisted kill. 

The intention of this rule change is to prevent or deter the "Oh I'll throw one medium laser at him just to get the assisted kill if he goes down".  What might happen is the wounded mech might actually get more fire directed it's way, assuring it's destruction.  However that will speed the game up so....I'm for it.

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