Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stable: Gemini Stables

Name: Gemini Stables

Faction: House Davion

Rating: B

Mechs Lists Available: 

Minimum Fame Required: 15

Character Point (CP) Cost: 20

C-Bill Entry Fee: 2,500,000

Special Abilities:  Mechwarriors of this stable are trained on the best use of their weapons to limit their heat output.  They are trained to be patient and wait for the best possible shot when the opportunity is right.  To best take advantage of those opportunities in battle, a fast mech is required and the Stable will not use any mech that can't run at least 86 Kph.    

  • -5 heat per turn. (Techs spend extra time on weapons and Heat sinks)
  • No Mechs slower than 5 Walking / 8 Running.
  • If there are 4 or more players remaining in the battle, and the Gemini player is the last to move they gain a -1 to hit modifier with ranged weapons that turn.  (Moving last allows for more accurate fire)

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