Friday, May 27, 2011

Stable: Skye Tigers

Name: Skye Tigers

Faction: House Steiner

Rating: B

Mechs Lists Available: 
House Steiner

Minimum Fame Required: 10

Character Point (CP) Cost: 12

C-Bill Entry Fee:   1,250,000

Special Abilities:  Anti-Davion propaganda fills this stable.  Warriors are trained to counter standard Davion mechs and mechwarrior tactics.  Other training focuses on keeping a mech upright when maneuvering or taking damage, at the expense of physical attack training.  Always has the cutting edge mechs available to Lyran Alliance and offers them to their stable members.
  • -2 To Hit for any Federated Suns (House Davion) stable mech.
  • +1 to any Piloting Skill rolls.
  • +1 to Hit for any Physical attacks
  • Free Variant swap to any Inner Sphere chassis on the House Steiner mech list. Example (May swap Atlas AS7-D for AS7-S2 at no cost)...Must exchange back to original chassis when selling back, may not sell swapped chassis to market or another player.

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