Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rules Updates...after Battle #4

Couple of Rules tweaks to help keep thing interesting.

1) Underdog Fame:  If you manage a solo kill of a mechwarrior who has a much higher fame than you do, you may get some bonus fame.  For every 10 full fame greater your kill is you get an additional 2 fame for a solo kill.  You get 1 additional fame for an assisted Kill for every 10 full Fame greater.

So say Dave with -7.5 fame Solo kills Rob with 18 fame, he will get an 4 Extra fame in addition to all the normal fame he would get for the solo kill.

2) Word of Blake and Comstar Faction tweaks.  Their faction is now considered a C rated Stable as well. So they can do simple equipment swaps and modifications as well as variant swaps.  (Comstar and Word of Blake were not in the original ruleset and were added by me, need tweak to keep them competitive.)  This will let them take out the equipment that is "worthless" in the arena environment like Beagle Probes and C3 or c3i computers and replace them with HS, lasers, extra armor....stuff like that.

3) Solaris General Medcare Sponsorship.  All Mechwarrior healing is now free (Mostly cause it was a pain in the butt to track after the battle)

4) Contest Winners Fame:  The Top finishers after Battle #4 will receive small Fame awards for their wins.  At most is 3 points for being the winner of a Grande Melee with 10+ contestants.  See all the details on the "Prizes / Engaged" Page.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Battle #5 Prep work, and mech declaration.

Ok Here is the plan for Battle #5.

We will split and have three battles simultaneously.  Battles 5A, 5B, and 5C.  Now there are a few ways to determine who will be fighting who.  So...we will put it to a vote.

There are 4 options and we each will get one vote.  Chances are there will not be a tie with 13 votes, but if there is the tiebreaker will be the vote cast by the person with the lowest fame. 

Here are the options to vote for.

#1) Totally random.  We will flip cards, randomly and assign groupings that way.

#2) Class / Tonnage:  Working from the bottom up, the lightest (4-5 mechs) will be grouped, then the next 4, then the top 4.  Lightest mechs will get the extra contestant if all 13 show up.  We will do the Solaris mech class (Inner Sphere Assault mech = Class 4) for this, then tie break with the mechs actual Tonnage, if still tied we will use BV.  Clan mechs will add 20 Tons to their tonnage for their calculation

#3) Straight BV:  Not adjusted by piloting and gunnery. Lowest 4-5, then mid 4, then top 4.

#4) Current Fame:  Where your current fame is (when the last vote is cast).  Only way it is moving is if you drop a stable, sponsor or place a kill bounty on a mechwarrior.  So figure it will stay the same as it is listed.

Once everyone has voted and we have gone through everyone's Off Board time.  We will do one more pass through everyone, highest fame to lowest fame for the purposes of Mech declaration.  We are getting to the point where some mechwarriors have multiple mechs.  This is the point where they will declare which mech they are taking into the upcoming battle.  You will have to declare which chassis you are taking.  You may not change your choice after this point.  You may not modify your mech after this point either, Unless it is an OMNI mech, which by design are made to swap out weapons quickly and easily.

The Arenas for Battles 5A, 5B and 5C are...Hartford Gardens, The Factory and Ishiyama.  We will randomly assign the groupings to those Arenas.

Battle #6 will be in the Coliseum, and will be a Grand Melee with everyone one the same table.

I will keep track of the Votes here as they are emailed in, or posted in the comments here.

Current Votes:

#1 - Random) Bad Wolf, Crash'n'Burn, Firebush, Katana, Flashy

#2 - Class) Peacekeeper, BlackJack, Apollo, MayDay

#3 - BV)  Prez,

#4 - Fame) Irish, Ace, Truckasaurus

S. O. S. Profile: Charles "BlackJack" Jackson

Name: Charles Jackson

Callsign: "BlackJack"

Player: Scott

Faction: Federated Suns - House Davion

Rank: None

Unit: None

Current Battlemech:
Supernova "BlackJack"

Arena Kills: 6.5

Best finish:
3rd of 12 - Coliseum - Battle #6
3rd of 12 - Battle #7 - Commando Challenge

Current Stable:
Starlight Stables

Current Sponsors:
OGS Productions


Charles Jackson grew up on the border of the Periphery watching the sand blow across the arid land of his family’s moisture farm. He was a normal youth with a propensity for getting into trouble. So they sent him off to military school in the hopes that he would grow up. 40 years later, it still hasn’t happened. He spent time in the infantry and worked his way into recon mechs. Then he moved on to bigger and better mechs, with only his off duty antics and love of grain alcohol keeping his promotion potential down. 

 He retired after many campaigns as a skilled warrior, with only farming or Solaris 7 as options. He chose Solaris and has spent many years in the minor leagues as an “also ran,” many times showing up to matches drunk. He has a small loyal following and makes just enough winnings to stay at it. The last thing he expected was to be promoted to the A league tournament.
Funny things happen when two other Davion pilots die in the tourney, and nobody else will accept the call up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off Board Time: After Battle #4

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #4.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination alternating between Battle 4A and 4B, with battle 4A getting the first slot.

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) BlackJack (Scott)  

Repaired Hunchback HBK-5N
Landed OGS Productions Sponsorship

2) Prez (Josh)  

Repaired Kintaro KTO-19
Returned Locust LCT-5M (Fallback)
Learned Cool Hand Skill

3) Firebush (Kyle)  
Repaired Awesome ASW-9Q

4) Katana (Lee)  
Repaired Daimyo DMO-4K
Got loan $52,000
Learned Weapon Expert, IS Medium Laser Skill

5) Peacekeeper (Rob)
Repaired Vindicator VND-5L
Got loan $4,000,000
Bought Pillager PLG-4Z (Using Sponsor 25% Discount on Stealth armor mechs)
Bought Edge point

6) Ace (Dereck)  
Makes a "Seriously?" face at the remains of his Rifleman...
Grabs the keys to his Hunchback

7) Apollo (Larry)  
Repaired Hunchback HBK- 4H
Bought Toughness ability
Learned Dodge Skill

8) Flashy (Fab)  
Repaired Goshawk
Sold Hunchback IIC
Bought Timberwolf (Mad Cat) A
Became Weapon Specialist with the Clan ER PPC (Skill)
Got Toughness Ability
Learned the Maneuvering Ace Skill

9) Crash'n'Burn (Gregg) 
Repaired Grasshopper GHR - 5N
Bought Improved Piloting (1)
Bought Improved Gunnery (1)

10) Bad Wolf (Jeff)
Sold Griffin IIC
Repaired Nova (Blackhawk)
Bought Improved Piloting (1)
Bought Improved Gunnery (1)
Got Loan ($300,000)
Bought Weapon loadout for Nova "H" variant (10 Heavy Medium Lasers)

11) Mayday (Mitch) 
Repaired Hatchetman HCT-6D
Sold Atlas AS7-K
Bought Charger CGR-1A1
Modified Charger CGR-1A1 to Charger CGR-1A1 "Mayday"
Joined Starlight Stables

12) Irish (Jay)
Repaired Black Knight BL-12-KNT
Bought Cool Hand
Bought Toughness
Bought Improved Gunnery (1)
Sold Marauder MAD-5S
Bought Marauder MAD-5L

13) Truckasaurus (Dave)  

*** Current Player *** - All players done

After Action Report: Battle #4B

Setting: Boreal Reach "Devil's Bath"

Dereck Rifleman RFL-7M
Fab Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)
Jay Black Knight BL-12-KNT
Jeff Nova (Blackhawk) Prime
Josh Locust    LCT-5M
Lee Daimyo  DMO-4K

 Order of Elimination
  1. Josh - Surrendered - Jay, Fab
  2. Lee - Mech Destroyed - Jeff
  3. Dereck - Mech Destroyed - Fab, Jay, Jeff
  4. Fab - Mech Destroyed - Jeff, Jay
  5. Jeff - Mech Destroyed - Jay
  6. Jay - Winner!
Key Moments:

Jay hitting the table with Scotts old Black Knight...with a new Pirate Banner.
Fabby (and Jay) picking on a Mech 2 tiers lighter...
Jeff coring Lee's Daimyo with his Nova.
Fabby not finishing in one of the top 2 spots for the first time in the Olympiad.

After Action Report: Battle #4A

Setting: Hartford Gardens


Kyle Awesome AWS-9Q
Gregg Grasshopper GHR-5N
Mitch Hatchetman HCT-6D
Larry Hunchback HBK-4H
Scott Hunchback HBK-5N
Rob Vindicator VND-5L

 Order of Elimination
  1. Scott - Surrendered -Rob, Kyle
  2. Kyle - Surrendered - Rob, Gregg, Mitch, Larry
  3. Rob - Surrendered - Mitch, Larry, Gregg
  4. Larry - Mech Destroyed - Mitch, Gregg
  5. Gregg - Withdraw - Mitch
  6. Mitch - Winner!
Key Moments:

Scott getting legged in the 2nd turn by Kyle and Rob only hitting one leg.
All the remaining contenders teaming up to try to drop Kyle's Awesome.
Gregg, landing a DFA after taking a Gryo hit!!!

After Action Report: Battle #3

Setting: Boreal Reach (Devil's Bath)

Dereck Ostroc          OSR-2D
Fab Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)
Gregg Jenner           JR7-D
Jay Hunchback HBK-5H
Jeff Wyvern     WVE-5N
Josh Kintaro KTO-19
Kyle Blackjack       BJ-3
Larry Hunchback HBK-4H
Lee Daimyo  DMO-4K
Mitch Hatchetman HCT-6D
Rob Vindicator VND-5L
Scott Black Knight BL-12-KNT

 Order of Elimination

  1. Gregg - Ejected - Lee, Larry
  2. Kyle - Mech Destroyed - Dereck
  3. Larry - Ejected - Mitch
  4. Rob - Surrendered - Jay, Scott
  5. Mitch - Ejected - Dereck
  6. Scott - KIA - Jay
  7. Lee - Withdraw - Jay, Josh, Dereck, Fab, Jeff
  8. Josh - Ejected - Dereck
  9. Jay - Mech Destroyed - Dereck, Jeff, Fab
  10. Dereck - Surrendered - Fab, Jeff
  11. Fab - Mech Destroyed - Jeff
  12. Jeff - Winner!
Key Moments:

Scott getting the Black Knight stuck in a Mud Pit, using his Edge to get out...then getting an AC20 to the head the shooting phase.

Larry ignoring the 4 Million Bounty on Fab for 500k to be his "Bodyguard / Meat shield"