Thursday, August 18, 2011

Battle #5 Prep work, and mech declaration.

Ok Here is the plan for Battle #5.

We will split and have three battles simultaneously.  Battles 5A, 5B, and 5C.  Now there are a few ways to determine who will be fighting who.  So...we will put it to a vote.

There are 4 options and we each will get one vote.  Chances are there will not be a tie with 13 votes, but if there is the tiebreaker will be the vote cast by the person with the lowest fame. 

Here are the options to vote for.

#1) Totally random.  We will flip cards, randomly and assign groupings that way.

#2) Class / Tonnage:  Working from the bottom up, the lightest (4-5 mechs) will be grouped, then the next 4, then the top 4.  Lightest mechs will get the extra contestant if all 13 show up.  We will do the Solaris mech class (Inner Sphere Assault mech = Class 4) for this, then tie break with the mechs actual Tonnage, if still tied we will use BV.  Clan mechs will add 20 Tons to their tonnage for their calculation

#3) Straight BV:  Not adjusted by piloting and gunnery. Lowest 4-5, then mid 4, then top 4.

#4) Current Fame:  Where your current fame is (when the last vote is cast).  Only way it is moving is if you drop a stable, sponsor or place a kill bounty on a mechwarrior.  So figure it will stay the same as it is listed.

Once everyone has voted and we have gone through everyone's Off Board time.  We will do one more pass through everyone, highest fame to lowest fame for the purposes of Mech declaration.  We are getting to the point where some mechwarriors have multiple mechs.  This is the point where they will declare which mech they are taking into the upcoming battle.  You will have to declare which chassis you are taking.  You may not change your choice after this point.  You may not modify your mech after this point either, Unless it is an OMNI mech, which by design are made to swap out weapons quickly and easily.

The Arenas for Battles 5A, 5B and 5C are...Hartford Gardens, The Factory and Ishiyama.  We will randomly assign the groupings to those Arenas.

Battle #6 will be in the Coliseum, and will be a Grand Melee with everyone one the same table.

I will keep track of the Votes here as they are emailed in, or posted in the comments here.

Current Votes:

#1 - Random) Bad Wolf, Crash'n'Burn, Firebush, Katana, Flashy

#2 - Class) Peacekeeper, BlackJack, Apollo, MayDay

#3 - BV)  Prez,

#4 - Fame) Irish, Ace, Truckasaurus