Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rules Updates...after Battle #4

Couple of Rules tweaks to help keep thing interesting.

1) Underdog Fame:  If you manage a solo kill of a mechwarrior who has a much higher fame than you do, you may get some bonus fame.  For every 10 full fame greater your kill is you get an additional 2 fame for a solo kill.  You get 1 additional fame for an assisted Kill for every 10 full Fame greater.

So say Dave with -7.5 fame Solo kills Rob with 18 fame, he will get an 4 Extra fame in addition to all the normal fame he would get for the solo kill.

2) Word of Blake and Comstar Faction tweaks.  Their faction is now considered a C rated Stable as well. So they can do simple equipment swaps and modifications as well as variant swaps.  (Comstar and Word of Blake were not in the original ruleset and were added by me, need tweak to keep them competitive.)  This will let them take out the equipment that is "worthless" in the arena environment like Beagle Probes and C3 or c3i computers and replace them with HS, lasers, extra armor....stuff like that.

3) Solaris General Medcare Sponsorship.  All Mechwarrior healing is now free (Mostly cause it was a pain in the butt to track after the battle)

4) Contest Winners Fame:  The Top finishers after Battle #4 will receive small Fame awards for their wins.  At most is 3 points for being the winner of a Grande Melee with 10+ contestants.  See all the details on the "Prizes / Engaged" Page.

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