Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stable: The Dispossessed Cooperative

Name: The Dispossessed Cooperative

Any Periphery

Rating: D

Mechs Lists Available: 
Mercenary "Other"

Minimum Fame Required: 4

Character Point (CP) Cost: 10

C-Bill Entry Fee:   850,000

Special Abilities:  A community of Mechwarriors sworn to help each other in a time of crisis.  Many have seen time having lost their mech and not having a replacement.  Train each other on how to disable an opponent and still still claim victory.  The dispossessed do not wish to add to their ranks through their own actions.
  • May Aim "low" at a +2 to hit penalty with ranged attacks.  If a hit, may use the "Kick" chart to assign damage to the legs of the target.
  • May purchase from the Mercenary "Other" mech list.

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