Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stable: Hombres

Stable: Hombres Stables

Faction: Unaffiliated, Periphery, Mercenary

Rating: D

Mechs Lists Available: 

House Marik

Minimum Fame Required: 3

Character Point (CP) Cost: 10

C-Bill Entry Fee: 1,000,000

Special Abilities:  Intense training for close fighting.  Mechs weapons are aligned to converge best at short range targets.  Myomers are adjusted to allow for maximum flexibility allowing for better close combat attacks.  however these modifications are difficult and more costly to repair.

  • -2 TH physical attacks.  Special training and mech modification allow for better close combat maneuvers.
  • +20% to final repair costs.  (Extra cost)
  • -1 TH Ranged attacks that are 6" or less.  To reflect the Hombres love of up close fighting.
  •  Loose ties to Free Worlds League, May buy mechs from the House Marik list

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