Monday, July 25, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Barack "Prez" Bush

Name: Barack Bush

Callsign: Prez

Player: Josh

Faction: Word of Blake

Rank: Demi-Precentor (Major)

7th Division "The Glorious" IV-Iota

"Keys of Hope" III-Lambda

Current Battlemech:
Kintaro KTO-19

Arena Kills: 0.5

Best finish:

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

 Next to nothing is known about the entrant from The Word of Blake.  The image above was provided with the registration form for entry into the Solaris Olympiad Series.

He brings a capable Kintaro KTO-19, as his initial mech for the series.  Although, the listed Word of Blake unit has is known as a heavy tank unit. So it is not known if he is a very talented individual, or if the profile was fabricated.

All submitted information about Demi-Precentor Bush should be highly suspect until it can be verified.

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