Thursday, August 18, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Charles "BlackJack" Jackson

Name: Charles Jackson

Callsign: "BlackJack"

Player: Scott

Faction: Federated Suns - House Davion

Rank: None

Unit: None

Current Battlemech:
Supernova "BlackJack"

Arena Kills: 6.5

Best finish:
3rd of 12 - Coliseum - Battle #6
3rd of 12 - Battle #7 - Commando Challenge

Current Stable:
Starlight Stables

Current Sponsors:
OGS Productions


Charles Jackson grew up on the border of the Periphery watching the sand blow across the arid land of his family’s moisture farm. He was a normal youth with a propensity for getting into trouble. So they sent him off to military school in the hopes that he would grow up. 40 years later, it still hasn’t happened. He spent time in the infantry and worked his way into recon mechs. Then he moved on to bigger and better mechs, with only his off duty antics and love of grain alcohol keeping his promotion potential down. 

 He retired after many campaigns as a skilled warrior, with only farming or Solaris 7 as options. He chose Solaris and has spent many years in the minor leagues as an “also ran,” many times showing up to matches drunk. He has a small loyal following and makes just enough winnings to stay at it. The last thing he expected was to be promoted to the A league tournament.
Funny things happen when two other Davion pilots die in the tourney, and nobody else will accept the call up.

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