Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Next Campaign...Solaris VII

So with 4 games left in our Operation Bulldog campaign.  I figure it is time that I start planning the next campaign.  Welcome to the gaming world of Solaris VII.

For those that don't know Solaris VII is known throughout the inner sphere for it's Gladiatorial style Battlemech contests.  5 Major arenas, many more smaller venues, all the Great houses are represented.

I'll be releasing details of the campaign in the coming months.  But I found the basic rules that I will be tweaking right on the main Battletech site for FREE!

Still working the details out in my head.  There will be stables to choose from that will give you various bonuses.  The house you choose will have an impact on what mechs are available to you.  I think to start we each will have a single mechwarrior to run.  We will set the year at 3066...That way we will get most of the new tech to play with.

Like I said more details to come.