Friday, May 27, 2011

Stable: Fitzhugh Stables

Name: Fitzhugh Stables

Faction: House Marik

Rating: C

Mechs Lists Available: 
House Marik
Word of Blake

Minimum Fame Required: 5

Character Point (CP) Cost: 8

C-Bill Entry Fee: 750,000

Special Abilities:  Training focuses on making the best use of cover, Maneuvering mechs to take advantage of terrain and maintaining the pristine image of a Fitzhugh mechwarrior (Pretty boys)

  • +1 on all Piloting checks
  • Attackers must increase the TH penalty by 1 point if Fitzhugh mech is in partial cover or wooded hex.
  • -1 Fame for every wound the mechwarrior takes.
  • Word of Blake mech design test bed.  May purchase mechs from Word of Blake mech lists.

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