Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stable: Zellbrigen Stables

Stable: Zellbrigen Stables

Faction: Any Clan

Rating: A

Mechs Lists Available: 
All Clan lists

Minimum Fame Required: 15

Character Point (CP) Cost: 22

C-Bill Entry Fee: 1,500,000


Special Abilities:  This stable is the home of abandon or solahama Clan warriors.  True Duelist, they attempt to bring the Clan fighting style to the ArenaPersonal Glory is that which they seek, or a honorable death in combat.  

  • +2 Fame for each Solo Kill
  • Prowler Solaris Mech available for purchase. (Clan built mech for Solaris)
  • May only use Clan Mechs (With the exception of "Challenge" matches, where mechs are provided.)
  • May not modify mechs other than Omni swaps.
  • May not use Physical attacks, unless mech has lost the use of all weapons.
  • May not Surrender
  • 20% discount on all Clan Mech purchases
  • 20% discount on all Clan Mech repairs
  • Ignores penalty for killing stable mate, though you still get the base penalty for killing a mechwarrior.

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  1. Added the "Challenge" matches exception to clan mech only rule.