Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Character Points CP Abilities cost table.

Here is a list of the abilities that you can spend your CP's on to improve your character.

These are broken into Abilities and Skills.

Abilities are permanent, and Can not be taken away from a character.   You are not limited to the number of abilities your mechwarrior may have.

(Edit, before battle #3) You may not Buy the "Fame" ability after the last battle of the campaign.  If you are going to "cash in your chips" must do it before the final battle.  Yes this will make CP earned in the last battle worthless.  But having someone "buy" the championship rather than earning it on the arena floor seems like a hollow win. (end edit)

Skills you can lose over the course of a battle with wounds.  When your mechwarrior takes a hit, you must select one Skill to lose until the wound is healed.  Your mechwarrior is also limited to a maximum of 4 Skills.

Mechwarrior Abilities & Skills Table
Abilities CP C-Bill Cost Game Effect
Fame* 10 250,000 Add one Fame point to Pilot total
Edge* 10 0 Gain Edge Point, 2nd Edge Point cost 20 CP
Toughness* 6 0 Does not lose Skill on first pilot hit, add 1 to all Consciousness rolls
Loan* 5 0 See Loan rules
Improved Piloting (1) * 15 2,500,000 Improves Piloting to a 3
Improved Piloting (2) * 20 3,500,000 Improves Piloting to a 2,                              Pre-req: Improved Piloting (1)
Improved Piloting (3) * 30 7,500,000 Improves Piloting to a 1,                            Pre-req: Improved Piloting (2)
Improved Gunnery (1) * 25 5,000,000 Improves Gunnery to a 2
Improved Gunnery (2) * 50 15,000,000 Improves Gunnery to a 1                             Pre-req: Improved Gunnery (1)
Skills CP C-Bill Cost Game Effect
Dodge 4 0 May take a +2 defense modifier against physical attacks instead of making a physical attack, Clear terrain only.
Weapon Specialist 15 500,000 For specific ranged weapon, -2 TH (Can only be bought once)
Maneuvering Ace 6 0 May perform lateral shift as if it were a Quad ‘Mech (2 MP)
Melee Specialist 8 0 During Physical Attack phase, may take either -1TH or +1 to damage
Speed Demon 5 0 Add 2 to Running MP, may not make ranged attacks that turn.
Acrobat 8 100,000 Roll 1d6 per use of Jump Jets; 1-4, add 1 Jump MP to maximum jump, 5-6, Jump Jets fail and may not be used that turn, ‘Mech may walk or run instead.
Cool Hand 6 0 Manages heat well, subtract 2 from Heat total per turn
Cluster Expert (Direct Fire) 8 250,000 Adds +1 to any rolls on the cluster chart when using a RAC, Ultra, HAG or LBXAC. (Natural 2 still jams an Ultra)
Cluster Expert (Missiles) 6 150,000 Adds +1 to any rolls on the cluster chart when using SRM, LRM, MRM, ATM, MML or Rocket Launcher. 


  1. Edited to clarify the difference between skills and abilities....I hope.

  2. Added the Rule, no Buying Fame after the last battle. You must buy it before the match.