Tuesday, June 7, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Jensen "Viper" Blayloc

Name: Jensen Blayloc  KIA

Callsign: "Viper"

Player: Scott

Status: KIA, Battle #1, The Factory

Faction: Federated Suns - House Davion

Rank: Hauptmann (Captain)

Unit: 1st Davion Guards, 7th Company (reserve status)

Current Battlemech: TBD

Arena Kills: 0

Best finish: 5th - The Factory - Battle #1 (Killed)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Born on Arcadia during the waning years of the Third Succession War, Jensen was the third son of a minor noble. Raised as were most in his position, to be military and likely Mechwarriors, he attended New Avalon Institute of Science, College of Military Science.

The College of Military Science: Arguably the most prestigious military academy in the Inner Sphere, CMS turns out high-quality cadets in all military specialties. Formerly the New Avalon Military Academy, the NAMA was founded during the Star League years after it took over Albion Military Academy, with the NAIS built around the academy. Home to some of the most advanced training equipment in the Inner Sphere, CMS lacks nothing in the way of equipment or facilities, with plenty of training ‘Mechs, fighters, and simulators for any conceivable ‘Mech design known today. The College also boasts three Gauntlets, special ‘Mech training grounds. Its large alumni base includes such notable graduates as Kai Allard-Liao. 

His early career like most officers during peacetime was training and standing station on backwater planets making nice to the locals during liberty. That all changes with the Clan invasion. Jensen and his NAIS training unit were deployed to the Capellan border, replacing troops that were to being reassigned to the Clan front.  He has seen action on over a dozen worlds, mostly defensive actions against raids by House Liao.  In 3052 his training unit was stood down, and all the Mechwarriors were reassigned to other units.  Jensen found himself a member of the 1st Davion Guards.

His callsign is a result of a tactic he likes to employ, lie in wait until the enemy gets into optimal range, and then introduce yourself with an alpha strike.

His goal has never been to be a hero, but to go out, complete the objective, and return home alive. He likes to say: "Glory comes from being in the wrong tactical position, taking unnecessary risks, and usually landing you and your shiny new ribbons in the same box." and "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you have screwed up someplace."

He gained a great deal of combat experience in Operation Bulldog. During this time, he experienced everything a military campaign has to offer; the bitterness of defeat, the loss of valued friends, the toils and hardship known only to those who fight on the front lines. He also learned the thrill of victory, the camaraderie that can only be forged in battle, and earned experience that will serve him throughout his life.   After Bulldog the 7th company was placed on reserve status on New Avalon, have earned a well deserved break for their actions on Port Arthur.

Wanting to build on his experience and hone his battle skills Jensen decided to go to Solaris 7, in an attempt to learn by fighting the very best mechwarriors available. Given the cache earned by the victory Port Arthur, he was given the initial blessing of his house. Having spent 2 years on the practice circuit, he was tapped to represent the Federated Suns in the first ever Solaris Olympiad Series.  Eventually he plans to return to active duty with the goal of becoming a unit commander.  

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