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S. O. S. Profile: Kaari "Firebush" Byronne

 Name: Kaari Byronne



Taurian Concordat

Suballtern (Captain)

1st Corp, Red
Chassueurs, 2nd Battalion

Current Battlemechs:

Awesome AWS-9Q
Berserker BRZ-B3

Arena Kills: 8

Best finish:
3rd (of 10) - The Factory - Battle #1

Current Stable: Tandrek Stables

Current Sponsors:


Kaari started her career as a rather feisty grunt in the Taurian Ground Forces. She started as a heavy weapon specialist and spent her early years as a vehicle support weapon gunner. She received decorations for her actions in support of rescuing Concordat wounded on Setlek 7.

After a few years she applied for and got a posting to sniper school. Kaari became an accomplish sniper for the Concordat. She became a member of one of the Taurian Concordat Offworld Antagonist Teams, the Concordats euphemism for black ops assassins.


Eventually heavy losses to the Taurian Mechwarrior Force caused the High Command to search for new candidates in the active military. Because of Byronnes’ sniper apptitude she was selected. Again she excelled in her new role but saw on limited action as the current war drew to a close.

When the Taurian Concordat began to look at potential pilots to send to Solaris, Kaari seemed a shoe in. Although there were certainly many more experienced pilots within the Concordat, she was a polar opposite of the stereotypical Taurian officer. Where the average Taurian MechWarrior is a dour, weather beaten, fatalistic warrior, Byronne is a humorous, energetic and vivacious adventurer. Exactly the image that the Concordat wants to sell to the galaxy at large, to show that they are a rising power with limitless potential.

The dual PPC wielding BLACKJACK BJ-3 is a mech well suited to her style of piloting too.

So watch out Solarians…there’s a spunky new sheriff in town named FIREBUSH. And don’t sit still for too long…or you too may have fire down below.

Mech Draft Night....Live First round coverage

Welcome Solaris Fans.  This is Duncan Fisher coming to you live from the Grand Ballroom of the Bolean Reaches Arena.  Thank you for joining us tonight for what is sure to be an exciting evening of strategy and tactics for the players of the 1st ever Solaris Olympiad Series.

The Solaris Olympiad Series is the first attempt to combine the national pride of Martial Olympiad with the thrill of Solaris.  Over the Course of the next year, some of the finest warriors have come forth to represent their nations will do combat through out the major arenas here on Solaris.  We have representatives from all the major houses of the inner sphere plus many other groups.  Periphery Pirates, and a couple of Clans have also thrown their warriors in the mix for this series. 

Tonight is Draft night.  Where the warriors or their representatives will be announcing what mech they will be starting with for the Olympiad.  Remember the entrants are limited to a 4 Million C-bill price limit for their starting mechs, and that mech must be available for purchase somewhere in their associated realms.  Lets get right to the action...Draft order has been chosen at random and we are ready for the first pick.

First up is Randall "Honey Badger" Pelton from the Magistracy of Canopus (Dave).  He must be giddy with the first pick cause he is nearly prancing up to the stage.  Ohhh, Good Pick.  The Honey Badger has taken a Hatchetman HCT-3F.  A solid mech and we all know the fans love it when mechs get to use physical weapons on one another. 

Stats for Hatchetman HCT-3F

Next up is a Representative from House Davion (Mitch).  They have yet to name their warriors for the Series, rumor has them entering at least two contestants.  With the 2nd pick of the Draft House Davion that right?  We will have to check but I think they said Urbanmech?  Is that right??  OHHHH wiat a second folks.  They have taken an UrbanMech, but the UM-R70 variant that has the Rotary AC5.  That explains the choice.  That mechwarrior has some guts going out there in that thing, quite the gamble, but it is almost perfect for Solaris.

Stats for the Urbanmech UM-R70

This pick is from the Circinus Federation (Jay).  Oh my stars and garters.  The representative brought sent by the Federation is shall we say is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.  Leather, Lace and Spikes...Not sure the hair bun works with Read hair, but who am I to complain.  The pick is in and...interesting, a Brigand LDT-X2.  One trick pony, but she will be able to move around quite a bit.

Stats for the Brigand LDT-X2

Up Forth is....House Davion again? Shesh, yah think Victor had anything to do with the selection order.  Did I say that...nevermind.  Seems this Mechwarrior has arrived to turn in his own pick.  Jensen "Viper" Blayloc (Scott), veteran for the 1st Davions Guards has come up on Stage.  He was a key piece in preventing the two Jaguar Khans from escaping Port Arthur during Operation Bulldog 4 years ago.  and his Selection is...a Watchman WTC-4DM, a relatively new update to a solid machine.

Details for the Watchman WTC-4DM

Next is a member of the Ghost Bear Dominion (Fab).  Taking a Firefly FFL-4A...Hmmm interesting choice.  Taking firepower and maneuverability over armor.  That little mech does have a lot related with a typical Clan mech so maybe the warrior will feel comfortable with it.

Stats for the Firefly FFL-4A

Sixth to pick is a representative from the Taurian Concordat (Kyle).  They also have yet to announce the warrior they are sending forth for the Olympiad.  Guy those not coming forth are trying to hide their fighting style.  Anyway the pick is in and...Solid mech.  Blackjack BJ-3...designed in the St. Ives Compact.  Take the AC2's out of a Blackjack and add PPC's and double heat sinks...Yes please.

Details for the Blackjack BJ-3

Seventh Pick is from the...Outworlds Alliance (Gregg) that right did they get an invite?  I thought they went under?  Oh well, their pick is in and...we that is fitting a Locust LCT-1V.  3025 era 20 ton mech.. Not sure what they intend to so with that other than try not to get killed.  Probably all they could afford to send...I wish them luck.

Details on the Locust LCT-1V

House Marik has taken the stage (Dereck).  The messenger from the Free Worlds League is brimming with pride, as you know the first battle of this Olympiad will take place at their arena also known as "The Factory".  Their pick is in...and we have our first Hunchback.  I'm kind of surprised it took this long to have one go.  The 4 Million C-Bill limit puts the Hunchback at the top of Armor and Firepower available for that price.  IN an interesting switch they have taken the HBK-4P version.  That one swaps out the AC20 for 6 medium lasers and heat sinks.

Details on the Hunchback HBK-4P

House Steiner lands the ninth pick (Larry)....And now we have a run on Hunchbacks as they take one as well.  Only this time the Steiner rep takes the HBK-4H version.  Swapping the AC20 for an AC10 and 2 Medium lasers.
Another good design.

Details on the Hunchback HBK-4H

Rounding out the top ten, Clan Wolf takes the 10th selection of the draft (Jeff).  The Clanners section at the start is quite limits as they can not start with Clan technology.  The only mechs they are allowe3d to take are mechs that left with General Kerensky during the exodus or inner sphere chassis that they have captured.  Their selection is in and ....ok that is a nice arena mech.  A Wyvern WVE-5N...a classic city fighter from the old Star League.  So effective it is still in use by Comstar and the Word of Blake today.

Details on the Wyvern WVE-5N

Next pick is the First for House Kurita (Lee)...

*** Transmission interrupted *** Attempting to reconnect.....Attempting to reconnect...Attempting to Heretics will Burn Reconnect...Attempting to The Master is Watching...Reconnected! ***

What the Bleep was that! Folks this is Duncan Fisher signing off.  We will be bringing you the remainder of this draft once we have established a secure transmission...Till then folks.

(Ok that's all the picks that got done the first night...I'll be adding more after we have the picks.)

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Arena Rules: Ishiyama - The Stone Mountain (Kurita)

Ishiyama - The Stone Mountain
The Kurita area is actually a series of tunnels dug into a man-made mountain. Stone Mountain provides a hide-and-seek style engagement. There is also electromagnetic interference from the materials that the mountain is made of, making any fight here unpredictable. The "mountain" was built in 3007 in Kobe District.

Specific Rules for Ishyama are as follows.

No Jumping:
You are in an undergound tunnel...there is no room to jump.

No Ejecting:  Should you eject from your mech in this arena, the mechwarrior will make a nice smear on the tunnel ceiling.

Falls:  Should you fall and are within 1" of a wall you may take extra falling damage.  Yes you still fall where you were standing, but you might scrape along the wall on your way down doing extra damage.  Roll for direction of the fall as normal and if you have a wall iwthin 1" of that directon you will have hit the wall on your way down.  You will take an extra 1 point for every 20 tons of your mech.

Random map every time:
Where we are using Slate rocks to create the Tunnel walls, the map can be set up differently for every time we battle in Ishiyama.  It is a big place after all.

Starting Postions:
All the starting positions will be along the table edge.  All staring position will not start within line of sight of another starting position.  The number of starting positions will be different each time we set up this map.  Any place along the table edge that is not blocked by a rock is a valid starting position (or withdrawl point.)

Terrain Coins:
The 2" terrain pieces to represent where random items are located on the map. We will call these "Terrain Coins" for lack of a better term.

The exact number of Terrain Coins is randomly determined prior to each match.
If there are 6 or fewer competitors then roll a d6, if there are more then 6 players then roll 2d6.
These will be placed at least 8" from any starting position, and no closer than 4" from another terrain coin.  These should be placed out of line of sight from the starting positions as well.  The terrain coins should be placed before players pick their starting positions.

The first time a mech moves into Line of Sight to a Terrain coin roll a D6.  On a 1 or a 6 replace the coin with a Earthen Berm.  These Berms have a CF of 15, and cost 1MP to move over and are capable of providing partial cover to a mechs legs.  The player that spotted the berm is the one that places it on the table.  It may be in any direction, but must be centered on where the terrain coin was located.  On a roll of 2-5 leave the terrain coin in place. 

Exactly what the "Terrain Coin" has will be randomly determined at the time it is stepped on by a mech, not all the results are bad.  When a mech moves onto a Terrain coin, interrupt the mechs movement, roll a D6 and consult the chart below.

  1. Minefield - 10 Point Minefield, remains in play,  May be removed using Minefield removal rules.  Activating mech may continue it's movement. 
  2. Hidden Pit! - The mech falls into a 2 level deep hidden pit, taking falling damage from a 2 level fall.  The activating mech may use any remaining movement to attempt to stand and climb out of the pit and continue their movement. 
  3. Nothing.  Remove the terrain coin.  The Mech may continue their move. 
  4. Nothing.  Remove the terrain coin.  The Mech may continue their move.
  5. Lesser Treasure Flare.  Remove the coin. The activating mech is awarded 50,000 C-Bills.  The activating mech may continue it's movement.
  6. Greater Treasure Flare.   Remove the coin. The activating mech is awarded 100,000 C-Bills and may roll the Die again.  If the result of the new roll is a 6 the Mech gets another 100,000 C-Bills.  The player keeps rolling getting another 100,000 C-Bills for every 6 that is rolled, but stopping when the first non-6 result is rolled.  The activating mech may continue it's movement.

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Arena Rules: The Factory (Marik)

The Factory
The Marik battlefield began its life as a shuttle manufacturing plant large enough to accommodate IndustrialMechs. The decrepit facility features multiple levels with elevators and ramps to move between them.

Specific Rules for The Factory are as follows.

Building Walls:
For the Solaris Olympiad Series, the building walls will be indestructible. You may not pass through building walls. Buildings are not destructible except for the two pressure tanks in the NW corner of the map.

Roof Holes:
These may be used to change jump through to go up or down levels.  You need Jump Jets to drop yourself through a hole.  No intentional falls.

Pressure Tanks:
There are two pressure tanks in the NW part of the map. They have a CF of 15. They are partially filled with a highly explosive gas. Should the CF of one of the tanks reach 0 it will explode. Any mech within 2" of an exploding tank will take 20 points of damage from the explosion (Don't forget the piloting check). Any mech more than 2" but less than 4" will take 10 points of damage. Damage is assigned in 5 point groups. An exploding tank will do 10 points of damage to the other tank (if it has yet to explode), potentially set of that tank as well if it has been already damaged.

Broken Silo:
Near the two pressure tanks in the NW part of the map is a Broke silo.  The Silo is 4 levels high.  The Roof may support 100 tons.  Anything over 100 tons will cause the roof to collapse dropping all mechs into the silo.  The walls of the silo will remain standing should the roof collapse.  The silo wall has been re-enforced and mechs may not pass through it.

There are two ramps on the board, one in the bigger building, one as part of the loading platform. These cost no extra movement to go up and down. Physical attacks by mechs standing on a ramp are considered at the same level. Should a mech fall on a ramp it will remain where it fell and not slide down the ramp.

There are 3 Elevators on the Factory Map. Two are located side by side in the large building, one in the smaller building. It is better to think of them as lifts as there are no doors or ceiling to them, just a floor. You may jump down an elevator shaft to the level the elevator is currently on. You may not move to the elevator pad if the elevator is currently a floor or more above you. You may not jump up through an elevator shaft if the elevator is currently above you.
Controlling an elevator may be done from the cockpit of a mech. You may only control 1 elevator per turn. The elevators move last after everyone else has moved.
The mech closest to an elevator after everyone has moved has control over that elevator.  They may command the elevator to go up or down 4 levels (1 floor of the buildings).  A mech standing on an elevator always has control of the pad he is standing on and may not control another. If two or more mechs are the same distance from an elevator, roll off to see who gets control that turn.  Measure to the where the elevator would be on the current level the mech is on to determine who is closer to the elevator.  Meaning if the mech is on the Roof, measure to where the elevator would be on the roof, even if the elevator is currently on the ground floor.

The Elevators all start on the ground floor at the beginning of any battle. 

The Bridge:
There is a bridge between the two main buildings.  For the purposes of this campaign the Bridge is indestructible and could hold 100 ton mechs along it's length without collapsing. The Bridge is 4 levels high above the arena floor.

Building Height:
Each "floor" of the main buildings are 4 Levels high.  The smaller of the two buildings is 8 levels high at the roof.  The walls around the roof of the larger building are one or two levels high, so to clear them and land on the roof from the arena floor you would need a jump of 5 or 6.  A jump of 4 can reach the roof if there is no intervening wall. 

There are four warehouse buildings that I have added to the map.  Mainly to break up the line of sight in some areas to increase the number of potential starting positions.  These buildings are indestructible and may not be entered by mechs.  The Rounded warehouses may not be landed on by jumping mechs as they will just slide off the roof.  The Block warehouses are 3 levels high and may hold any number of mechs. 
Some arenas will have some Crates that are movable and destructible.  These can be used as partial cover.  Crates have a CF of 5 and will take 5 points of damage before it is destroyed.

Crates are placed on the board before players choose their starting positions.  Crates are placed only on the storage platform for the Factory arena.  There is no set starting positions.  They may be stacked neatly, or they may be randomly spread about.

These crates may be moved from their original starting position.  Though bulky they only weigh 1 ton so they are easily moved. 

  • Walking mechs may kick a crate or stack of crates out of the way.  The Crate remains intact and and just gets pushed out of the mechs path.  This does not require a piloting check or hinder movement in any way.  Just push the crate to one side or the other, moving units choice which side the crate is moved to.  You may not push the crate along in front of you.
  • Running mechs attempts to run through crates or a stack of crates is a little more difficlut and might trip up a mech.  The running mech must make a piltoing check of fall over for each crate he runs through...the crate is destroyed if the pilot makes or fails the piloting check.  The debris left behind is scattered and not substantial enough to be considered rough or rubble.
  • Jumping on Crates will destroy them, remove the crates and place the mech where the crates were.  The Mechwarrior will have to make a piloting check to land safely otherwise the mech falls just after he touched down for standard falling damage.
  • Picking up crates is possible.  (Though I can't see why you would want to.)  You must be walking and have 2 working hand actuators.  It takes 1 MP to pick up a crate, it takes 1 MP to set down a crate intact.  You may Drop the crate for 0 MP, destroying it.  Just a standard piloting check will let you pick up the crate.  While carrying the crate...You may only use Walking movement, you man not fire any arm or front facing torso located weapons.  You do not have "Partial cover" carrying a crate, but any shot that hits one of your front torsos will hit the crate first.  Once the crate has taken 5 points of damage it is destroyed. 
I-Beam Scrap Pile:
An I-Beam scrap pile is just that, a pile of I-Beams were a battlemech can automatically find a re-usable Club.

The Club rules are in the Total Warfare Rulebook.  Normally you have to search a building, then roll to see if you find one.  But with these piles it is automatic.  All the other rules for picking up clubs and the use of Clubs we will follow right from the rulebook.  You may not keep you club for future events and must turn it in after the battle.

S. O. S. Profile: Jensen "Viper" Blayloc

Name: Jensen Blayloc  KIA

Callsign: "Viper"

Player: Scott

Status: KIA, Battle #1, The Factory

Faction: Federated Suns - House Davion

Rank: Hauptmann (Captain)

Unit: 1st Davion Guards, 7th Company (reserve status)

Current Battlemech: TBD

Arena Kills: 0

Best finish: 5th - The Factory - Battle #1 (Killed)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Born on Arcadia during the waning years of the Third Succession War, Jensen was the third son of a minor noble. Raised as were most in his position, to be military and likely Mechwarriors, he attended New Avalon Institute of Science, College of Military Science.

The College of Military Science: Arguably the most prestigious military academy in the Inner Sphere, CMS turns out high-quality cadets in all military specialties. Formerly the New Avalon Military Academy, the NAMA was founded during the Star League years after it took over Albion Military Academy, with the NAIS built around the academy. Home to some of the most advanced training equipment in the Inner Sphere, CMS lacks nothing in the way of equipment or facilities, with plenty of training ‘Mechs, fighters, and simulators for any conceivable ‘Mech design known today. The College also boasts three Gauntlets, special ‘Mech training grounds. Its large alumni base includes such notable graduates as Kai Allard-Liao. 

His early career like most officers during peacetime was training and standing station on backwater planets making nice to the locals during liberty. That all changes with the Clan invasion. Jensen and his NAIS training unit were deployed to the Capellan border, replacing troops that were to being reassigned to the Clan front.  He has seen action on over a dozen worlds, mostly defensive actions against raids by House Liao.  In 3052 his training unit was stood down, and all the Mechwarriors were reassigned to other units.  Jensen found himself a member of the 1st Davion Guards.

His callsign is a result of a tactic he likes to employ, lie in wait until the enemy gets into optimal range, and then introduce yourself with an alpha strike.

His goal has never been to be a hero, but to go out, complete the objective, and return home alive. He likes to say: "Glory comes from being in the wrong tactical position, taking unnecessary risks, and usually landing you and your shiny new ribbons in the same box." and "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you have screwed up someplace."

He gained a great deal of combat experience in Operation Bulldog. During this time, he experienced everything a military campaign has to offer; the bitterness of defeat, the loss of valued friends, the toils and hardship known only to those who fight on the front lines. He also learned the thrill of victory, the camaraderie that can only be forged in battle, and earned experience that will serve him throughout his life.   After Bulldog the 7th company was placed on reserve status on New Avalon, have earned a well deserved break for their actions on Port Arthur.

Wanting to build on his experience and hone his battle skills Jensen decided to go to Solaris 7, in an attempt to learn by fighting the very best mechwarriors available. Given the cache earned by the victory Port Arthur, he was given the initial blessing of his house. Having spent 2 years on the practice circuit, he was tapped to represent the Federated Suns in the first ever Solaris Olympiad Series.  Eventually he plans to return to active duty with the goal of becoming a unit commander.  

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S. O. S. Profile: Byron "Peacekeeper" Crais

Name: Byron Crais

Callsign: "Peacekeeper"

Player: Rob

Faction: Capellan Confederation - House Liao

Rank: Sang-Wei (Captain)

Unit: None (former Death Commando)

Current Battlemech:

Pillager PLG-4Z
Ti Ts'ang TSG-9H

Arena Kills: 6.5

Best finish:
1st (of 10) - The Factory - Battle #1
1st of 12 - Battle #8 - The Jungle

Current Stable:

Current Sponsors:
  • OGS Productions
  • Shengli Arms

Background:  Sang-Wei (Captain) Byron Crais was a ruthless, fast rising officer in the Death Commandos.  He received his first promotion in the unit as a reward by the Commandos Commanding Officer Micheal Hyung-Tsei.  The battlefield promotion was issued after Crais had executed another Death Commando for displaying marginally reckless attitude that was placing the unit in danger.  The Commando he executed was being unruly and threatened to attack another Commando on the team during an under cover mission deep in Davion Space.  Without a second thought, Crais shot the unprofessional officer, stopping the potential brawl and earning Crais the nickname "Peacekeeper" among the Commandos.

Crais' fast track in the Commandos was derailed when he came down with Kamakura Syndrome.  Kamakura Syndrome is an incurable genetic disease that attacks the inner ear of the victim.  The victim is fine other than being overly susceptible to space sickness.  After a Jump those with Kamakura Syndrome fall extremely ill, most lapse into a coma for roughly a week and are in a weakened state for over a month.  This was the case with Crais...ending his time with the often space traveling Death Commandos.

His reputation as a Death Commando was limiting to his future options.  Many unit commanders would not take on an officer that has killed one of his fellow officers.  This left Crais without a home.  He had applied to become one of the Chancellors personal guards when the Solaris Olympiad Series was announced.  The Chancellors staff thought Crais was a natural fit for the position, and after a quick audience with Sun-Tsu Liao, Crais secured his destiny.

Crais left right away for Solaris with the Chancellor's blessing.  He awoke from his illness induced coma in the Cathay district on Solaris 7, a warrior reborn.  He had found a way to best serve the Confederation and his Chancellor.  His illness would not be an issue with the year long contest on Solaris.  The Solaris Olympiad Series was to begin next month well after all symptoms of his illness had passed.  Crais was again a Death Commando maybe not in name, but he would be one in action.  The Solaris Olympiad Series was his to take for House Liao.  Let all the Inner Sphere throw their best at Crais.  He is ready for them.

Mechwarrior Death

Ok Here are the NEW Rules for Mechwarrior Death.....Sort of a middle ground to keep everyone happy, and I think will be the best for the long run of the campaign.  The current way is too liberal, the reset to 0 to conservative.  

Think of the Solaris Olympiad as a larger series of 50+ contestants (kinda like Scotts suggestion).  We just happen to be running the guys that are the leaders of the contest.  When your guy dies, you will make up a new guy (that is considered one of the "other" constants) using the following...

  • Subtract 5 from your Fame with a minimum of 0. (as it was the moment after you die, +all your fame for the battle up to that point, -2 for destroyed mech, -0.5 for being injured).  If you were at Negative Fame when you died, it is reset to 0.
  • You lose all your skills, abilities, stables, sponsors and reserve mechs in your mech bay.  You are not refunded for those losses.
  • Your CP is reset to 10 and  you get +2 for every battle we have had up to this point. So if your guy died in battle #3, you would get 16 CP for your new guy.
  • You lose all your C-Bills resetting them to 0. You receive C-Bills equal to the average value of the all the Battlemechs in the last battle, (fallback mechs count as $0). 
  • Any awards (Murphy or Contest awards) the dead mechwarrior would have received in the contest he died in are passed to the next placing mechwarrior (Murphy's bump up the list, Finishing fall back to the last mechwarrior eliminated).  
For the purposes of this campaign There are only a few ways for your mechwarrior to die.
  • Taking the 6th pilot hit.
  • Head destruction.
  • Cockpit Critical.
  • Ammo Explosion in a mech without CASE and the auto-eject turned off.
  • Ammo Explosion in the Center Torso with CASE and the auto-eject is turned off. 
  • The head floods when underwater and a structural check is failed. 
  • Ejecting from your mech with a structure directly over your mech. (Ishiyama - tunnels, in a building, under a bridge...)  
For the campaign, if you safely eject from your mech, you will safely land clear of the arena and out of the combat area.

What to do if your mechwarrior dies

  1. Lose your  no longer have it
  2. Subtract 5 from your Fame (add in all fame earned upto and including the moment of the mechwarriors death. 
  3. Set your CP to 0
  4. Get 10CP +2 more CP for each battle we have had in the campaign so far.  Dieing in Battle #3 will get you 16 CP for your new character.
  5. Remove any Skills, abilities, stables, sponsors or reserve mechs you might have had.
  6. Set your C-Bills to $0.
  7. Receive the Average C-Bill value of all mechs in the last battle (combine split battles).   
  8. Pick your new faction.  (If you want to stay the same you can skip this step)
  9. Create a new Name and Call sign for your new mechwarrior.
  10. Wait for your turn during the Off Board Time to buy your new mech.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Factory Terrain: Part 4

Another brief update on The Factory project.
  • Made Starting position markers (Milk caps painted gold)
  • Made I-Beam piles
  • Painted and sanded ground level edges about all buildings.
Almost ready to play on...