Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mech Draft Night....Live First round coverage

Welcome Solaris Fans.  This is Duncan Fisher coming to you live from the Grand Ballroom of the Bolean Reaches Arena.  Thank you for joining us tonight for what is sure to be an exciting evening of strategy and tactics for the players of the 1st ever Solaris Olympiad Series.

The Solaris Olympiad Series is the first attempt to combine the national pride of Martial Olympiad with the thrill of Solaris.  Over the Course of the next year, some of the finest warriors have come forth to represent their nations will do combat through out the major arenas here on Solaris.  We have representatives from all the major houses of the inner sphere plus many other groups.  Periphery Pirates, and a couple of Clans have also thrown their warriors in the mix for this series. 

Tonight is Draft night.  Where the warriors or their representatives will be announcing what mech they will be starting with for the Olympiad.  Remember the entrants are limited to a 4 Million C-bill price limit for their starting mechs, and that mech must be available for purchase somewhere in their associated realms.  Lets get right to the action...Draft order has been chosen at random and we are ready for the first pick.

First up is Randall "Honey Badger" Pelton from the Magistracy of Canopus (Dave).  He must be giddy with the first pick cause he is nearly prancing up to the stage.  Ohhh, Good Pick.  The Honey Badger has taken a Hatchetman HCT-3F.  A solid mech and we all know the fans love it when mechs get to use physical weapons on one another. 

Stats for Hatchetman HCT-3F

Next up is a Representative from House Davion (Mitch).  They have yet to name their warriors for the Series, rumor has them entering at least two contestants.  With the 2nd pick of the Draft House Davion that right?  We will have to check but I think they said Urbanmech?  Is that right??  OHHHH wiat a second folks.  They have taken an UrbanMech, but the UM-R70 variant that has the Rotary AC5.  That explains the choice.  That mechwarrior has some guts going out there in that thing, quite the gamble, but it is almost perfect for Solaris.

Stats for the Urbanmech UM-R70

This pick is from the Circinus Federation (Jay).  Oh my stars and garters.  The representative brought sent by the Federation is shall we say is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.  Leather, Lace and Spikes...Not sure the hair bun works with Read hair, but who am I to complain.  The pick is in and...interesting, a Brigand LDT-X2.  One trick pony, but she will be able to move around quite a bit.

Stats for the Brigand LDT-X2

Up Forth is....House Davion again? Shesh, yah think Victor had anything to do with the selection order.  Did I say that...nevermind.  Seems this Mechwarrior has arrived to turn in his own pick.  Jensen "Viper" Blayloc (Scott), veteran for the 1st Davions Guards has come up on Stage.  He was a key piece in preventing the two Jaguar Khans from escaping Port Arthur during Operation Bulldog 4 years ago.  and his Selection is...a Watchman WTC-4DM, a relatively new update to a solid machine.

Details for the Watchman WTC-4DM

Next is a member of the Ghost Bear Dominion (Fab).  Taking a Firefly FFL-4A...Hmmm interesting choice.  Taking firepower and maneuverability over armor.  That little mech does have a lot related with a typical Clan mech so maybe the warrior will feel comfortable with it.

Stats for the Firefly FFL-4A

Sixth to pick is a representative from the Taurian Concordat (Kyle).  They also have yet to announce the warrior they are sending forth for the Olympiad.  Guy those not coming forth are trying to hide their fighting style.  Anyway the pick is in and...Solid mech.  Blackjack BJ-3...designed in the St. Ives Compact.  Take the AC2's out of a Blackjack and add PPC's and double heat sinks...Yes please.

Details for the Blackjack BJ-3

Seventh Pick is from the...Outworlds Alliance (Gregg) that right did they get an invite?  I thought they went under?  Oh well, their pick is in and...we that is fitting a Locust LCT-1V.  3025 era 20 ton mech.. Not sure what they intend to so with that other than try not to get killed.  Probably all they could afford to send...I wish them luck.

Details on the Locust LCT-1V

House Marik has taken the stage (Dereck).  The messenger from the Free Worlds League is brimming with pride, as you know the first battle of this Olympiad will take place at their arena also known as "The Factory".  Their pick is in...and we have our first Hunchback.  I'm kind of surprised it took this long to have one go.  The 4 Million C-Bill limit puts the Hunchback at the top of Armor and Firepower available for that price.  IN an interesting switch they have taken the HBK-4P version.  That one swaps out the AC20 for 6 medium lasers and heat sinks.

Details on the Hunchback HBK-4P

House Steiner lands the ninth pick (Larry)....And now we have a run on Hunchbacks as they take one as well.  Only this time the Steiner rep takes the HBK-4H version.  Swapping the AC20 for an AC10 and 2 Medium lasers.
Another good design.

Details on the Hunchback HBK-4H

Rounding out the top ten, Clan Wolf takes the 10th selection of the draft (Jeff).  The Clanners section at the start is quite limits as they can not start with Clan technology.  The only mechs they are allowe3d to take are mechs that left with General Kerensky during the exodus or inner sphere chassis that they have captured.  Their selection is in and ....ok that is a nice arena mech.  A Wyvern WVE-5N...a classic city fighter from the old Star League.  So effective it is still in use by Comstar and the Word of Blake today.

Details on the Wyvern WVE-5N

Next pick is the First for House Kurita (Lee)...

*** Transmission interrupted *** Attempting to reconnect.....Attempting to reconnect...Attempting to Heretics will Burn Reconnect...Attempting to The Master is Watching...Reconnected! ***

What the Bleep was that! Folks this is Duncan Fisher signing off.  We will be bringing you the remainder of this draft once we have established a secure transmission...Till then folks.

(Ok that's all the picks that got done the first night...I'll be adding more after we have the picks.)

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