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Arena Rules: The Factory (Marik)

The Factory
The Marik battlefield began its life as a shuttle manufacturing plant large enough to accommodate IndustrialMechs. The decrepit facility features multiple levels with elevators and ramps to move between them.

Specific Rules for The Factory are as follows.

Building Walls:
For the Solaris Olympiad Series, the building walls will be indestructible. You may not pass through building walls. Buildings are not destructible except for the two pressure tanks in the NW corner of the map.

Roof Holes:
These may be used to change jump through to go up or down levels.  You need Jump Jets to drop yourself through a hole.  No intentional falls.

Pressure Tanks:
There are two pressure tanks in the NW part of the map. They have a CF of 15. They are partially filled with a highly explosive gas. Should the CF of one of the tanks reach 0 it will explode. Any mech within 2" of an exploding tank will take 20 points of damage from the explosion (Don't forget the piloting check). Any mech more than 2" but less than 4" will take 10 points of damage. Damage is assigned in 5 point groups. An exploding tank will do 10 points of damage to the other tank (if it has yet to explode), potentially set of that tank as well if it has been already damaged.

Broken Silo:
Near the two pressure tanks in the NW part of the map is a Broke silo.  The Silo is 4 levels high.  The Roof may support 100 tons.  Anything over 100 tons will cause the roof to collapse dropping all mechs into the silo.  The walls of the silo will remain standing should the roof collapse.  The silo wall has been re-enforced and mechs may not pass through it.

There are two ramps on the board, one in the bigger building, one as part of the loading platform. These cost no extra movement to go up and down. Physical attacks by mechs standing on a ramp are considered at the same level. Should a mech fall on a ramp it will remain where it fell and not slide down the ramp.

There are 3 Elevators on the Factory Map. Two are located side by side in the large building, one in the smaller building. It is better to think of them as lifts as there are no doors or ceiling to them, just a floor. You may jump down an elevator shaft to the level the elevator is currently on. You may not move to the elevator pad if the elevator is currently a floor or more above you. You may not jump up through an elevator shaft if the elevator is currently above you.
Controlling an elevator may be done from the cockpit of a mech. You may only control 1 elevator per turn. The elevators move last after everyone else has moved.
The mech closest to an elevator after everyone has moved has control over that elevator.  They may command the elevator to go up or down 4 levels (1 floor of the buildings).  A mech standing on an elevator always has control of the pad he is standing on and may not control another. If two or more mechs are the same distance from an elevator, roll off to see who gets control that turn.  Measure to the where the elevator would be on the current level the mech is on to determine who is closer to the elevator.  Meaning if the mech is on the Roof, measure to where the elevator would be on the roof, even if the elevator is currently on the ground floor.

The Elevators all start on the ground floor at the beginning of any battle. 

The Bridge:
There is a bridge between the two main buildings.  For the purposes of this campaign the Bridge is indestructible and could hold 100 ton mechs along it's length without collapsing. The Bridge is 4 levels high above the arena floor.

Building Height:
Each "floor" of the main buildings are 4 Levels high.  The smaller of the two buildings is 8 levels high at the roof.  The walls around the roof of the larger building are one or two levels high, so to clear them and land on the roof from the arena floor you would need a jump of 5 or 6.  A jump of 4 can reach the roof if there is no intervening wall. 

There are four warehouse buildings that I have added to the map.  Mainly to break up the line of sight in some areas to increase the number of potential starting positions.  These buildings are indestructible and may not be entered by mechs.  The Rounded warehouses may not be landed on by jumping mechs as they will just slide off the roof.  The Block warehouses are 3 levels high and may hold any number of mechs. 
Some arenas will have some Crates that are movable and destructible.  These can be used as partial cover.  Crates have a CF of 5 and will take 5 points of damage before it is destroyed.

Crates are placed on the board before players choose their starting positions.  Crates are placed only on the storage platform for the Factory arena.  There is no set starting positions.  They may be stacked neatly, or they may be randomly spread about.

These crates may be moved from their original starting position.  Though bulky they only weigh 1 ton so they are easily moved. 

  • Walking mechs may kick a crate or stack of crates out of the way.  The Crate remains intact and and just gets pushed out of the mechs path.  This does not require a piloting check or hinder movement in any way.  Just push the crate to one side or the other, moving units choice which side the crate is moved to.  You may not push the crate along in front of you.
  • Running mechs attempts to run through crates or a stack of crates is a little more difficlut and might trip up a mech.  The running mech must make a piltoing check of fall over for each crate he runs through...the crate is destroyed if the pilot makes or fails the piloting check.  The debris left behind is scattered and not substantial enough to be considered rough or rubble.
  • Jumping on Crates will destroy them, remove the crates and place the mech where the crates were.  The Mechwarrior will have to make a piloting check to land safely otherwise the mech falls just after he touched down for standard falling damage.
  • Picking up crates is possible.  (Though I can't see why you would want to.)  You must be walking and have 2 working hand actuators.  It takes 1 MP to pick up a crate, it takes 1 MP to set down a crate intact.  You may Drop the crate for 0 MP, destroying it.  Just a standard piloting check will let you pick up the crate.  While carrying the crate...You may only use Walking movement, you man not fire any arm or front facing torso located weapons.  You do not have "Partial cover" carrying a crate, but any shot that hits one of your front torsos will hit the crate first.  Once the crate has taken 5 points of damage it is destroyed. 
I-Beam Scrap Pile:
An I-Beam scrap pile is just that, a pile of I-Beams were a battlemech can automatically find a re-usable Club.

The Club rules are in the Total Warfare Rulebook.  Normally you have to search a building, then roll to see if you find one.  But with these piles it is automatic.  All the other rules for picking up clubs and the use of Clubs we will follow right from the rulebook.  You may not keep you club for future events and must turn it in after the battle.

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