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There are sponsors for just about every aspect of Mech combat on Solaris.  To gain a sponsor you must first and for most have enough fame for the sponsor to consider supporting your cause.  Second there is a CP cost and finally there is a C-Bill cost.  Yes it costs you C-Bills to gains the benefits that the sponsor offers.

Many of these sponsors are trying to sell their mechs chassis.  Those are listed at 50% discount to the mechs purchase price and will be called "Sponsor mechs" for the rest of this post.  If you buy a mech using the sponsor 50% discount there are a few restrictions...
  • You may only sell a sponsor mech back to that sponsor for the same purchase price.  So you can't buy it for 50% discount then sell it to the marketplace for 75% .
  • You can not sell a sponsor mech to another player.
  • You may not modify a sponsor mech in any way.  They are trying to sell their product, not some Frankenstein version of it.
  • Some of the chassis listed have a letter or numbers after them, such as Warhammer S&D.  This means you can buy any variant of the Warhammer Chassis that ends with an "S "or a "D".  If there is no letter or number you may buy any variant of that chassis you wish.
Other sponsors offer free equipment or weapon exchanges.  If you have a Stable capable of modifying your mech, you can swap the items the sponsor provides for free (So long as you make a legal mech).  For example, Shengli Arms offers Stealth armor.  If you had a Stable with a B ranking or higher you could exchange the Regular armor on your mech for Stealth Armor at no cost.  We would use the Heavy Metal Pro - program to create the new mech sheet with the Stealth armor.

One final sponsor rule, You can never sell a mech for Profit back to the marketplace.  You can sell for profit to another player so long as it is not a Sponsor mech.  There are some combinations of Stables and Sponsors that might allow a player to infinitely buy and sell mechs for profit playing the percentage game.   The best you can ever do is gain 100% of your purchase price back on a mech.

Remember some sponsors are faction specific, and you must be a member to gain the sponsor.  Also there is a 2 sponsor limit for your character.
There is also a penalty for dropping a sponsor. (-4 CP, -2 Fame, -450,000 CBills)

 So without further delay, here are the sponsors...

Sponsor Faction Min. Fame CP C-Bill Cost Game effects
Glass Tower Liao 0 4 500,000 Considered eligible for Loan of one level higher 
Shengli Arms Liao 10 3 500,000 Free Stealth Armor upgrade (ECM included), -25% to purchase price of mech with Stealth Armor. 50% discount for Duan Gung, Jinggau, Lao Hu, Yu Huang Battlemechs
Ceres Metal Industries Liao 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Blackjack 3, Phoenix Hawk L, Thunder, Blackjack-Omni, Snake, Firestarter-omni, Marauder L, Vindicator, Ti Ts'ang, Ostroc L Battlemechs
Hellspont Industries Liao 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Stinger L, Wasp, Raven, Assassin, Sha Yu, Pillager, Men Shen-Omni
Barrymore Munitions Marik 3 6 1,250,000 Free Weapons that use Ammo for any modification, omni config change or variant swap.
Corean Enterprises Marik 10 2 750,000 Free ER Med or Small laser, Ultra AC10, or Light Gauss Rifles for upgrades or repairs.  50% discount on Trebuchet, Ostsol, Goliath, and Sirocco Battlemechs 
Earthwerks Incorporated Marik 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Stinger, Jackal, Phoenix Hawk 3M, Bloodhound, Apollo, Griffin 3M, Thunderbolt M, Battlemaster 3M, Grand Titan, Thug 10E Battlemechs
Irian Battlemechs Unlimited Marik 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Wasp, Hermes, Hermes II, Quickdraw, Blackjack-omni, Strider-Omni, Albatros, Guillotine M, Awesome, Tempest Battlemechs
Murdock Brokers Steiner 6 7 850,000 a +1 CP for every 1 Million in prize money gained in a match.
Defiance Industries Steiner 15 10 2,500,000 Light mech engines at 50% cost, Free Heavy Gauss Rifles for upgrade or repair.  50% discount on Cobra, Uziel, Scorpion, Axman, Hatchetman, Nightsky, Zeus, Battlehawk, Griffin, Sentinel, Archer, Caesar, Salamander, Banshee, Fafnir, Atlas S, Gunslinger
StarCorps Industries Steiner 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Warhammer S&D, Thanatos, Longbow, Highlander 736, Emperor, King Crab 001 Battlemechs  
TharHes Industries Steiner 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Wolfhound, Barghest, Crusader, Falconer, Goliath S Battlemechs
NAIS Davion 10 3 250,000 Free Rotary ACs & Targeting computers when upgrading mechs. 15% discount on purchase of a mech with Rotary AC or Targeting computer
General Motors Davion 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Stealth, Maelstrom, Marauder 5D, Rakshasa, Goliath 5D, Blackjack-Omni, Avatar-Omni, Falcon, Victor and Marauder II Battlemechs
Kallon Industries Davion 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Enforcer, Griffin, Rifleman, Jagermech, Penetrator, Templar-omni, Falcon Hawk Battlemechs 
Robinson Standard Battleworks Davion 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Sentry, Watchman, Argus, Black Knight 12, Ostsol D, Sagittaire Battlemechs
Cosby Mech Research Kurita 10 3 250,000 Free MRM, Sword or Triple Strength Myomer upgrades / repairs. 50% Discount on No-Dachi Battlemech
Luithen Armor Works Kurita 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Jenner, Daimyo, Komodo, Wolf Trap, Dragon, Grand Dragon, Quickdraw, Charger, Mauler Battlemechs 
Yori 'Mech Works Kurita 15 10 2,500,000 50% Discount on Atlas, Catapult K, Hatamoto Battlemechs
Independence Weaponry Kurita 15 10 2,500,000 50% discount on Chimera, Hatchetman K, Tessen, Excalibur, Marauder, Ninja-To, Shugenja, Gunslinger, Akuma, Naginata, Tai-Sho, Marauder II
OGS Productions Unaffiliated 1 5 750,000 a +1 Fame for Successful Physical attacks, -1 Fame per MW wound.
Matani's Mechs Unaffiliated 1 7 1,000,000 a -20% purchase price on all Inner sphere light mechs, +5% cost to final repair costs
V.E.S.T. Unaffiliated 8 11 1,750,000 a -20% to final repair costs, +10% to purchase costs, All ammo reloads (Any type) are free, Can buy Solaris Mechs
Mech Sales Unaffiliated 1 7 650,000 Trade in value of mech increased to 95%, +10% to Final repair costs
TekShop Unaffiliated 4 9 1,300,000 a -10% to final repair costs,  +5% to Purchase costs  
Devall's Scrapyard Unaffiliated 0 5 250,000 Free Bypass kits for Jury-rigging repairs, -5% to Final repair costs
Clan Diamond Shark Dealers Unaffiliated 10 10 1,500,000 Can buy Clan mechs from Clan Diamond Shark mech lists
Arc-Royal MechWorks Unaffiliated 15 10 2,500,000 50% Discount on Wolfhound, Hoplite, Grasshopper, Annihilator, Shogun Battlemechs
(Single mech Sponsor) Unaffiliated 15 10 2,500,000 50% Discount on one Inner Sphere mech chassis from their faction list

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