Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bounty Rules and Current Bounties

Bounties may be placed on another players mech if you wish.  Someone have too much of an advantage, or you want pay back for them taking you out match after match, placing a bounty might get you a little help evening the score.

Bounties can be for a certain Battle or an ongoing bounty until you remove it.  You may not drop a bounty during a battle, but you may offer one up.  Bounties are for the elimination of a mech not for the killing of the mechwarrior.

You may offer up a killing bounty on the mechwarrior, but your mechwarrior will take a -20 Fame hit.

You may make side bets with another player if you wish.  First to drop an enemy, Who lasts the longest, First to score a hit with a physical attack, etc.

Current Mech Bounties:
    • None

    Current Mechwarrior Bounties:
    • None 


    1. When I win do I get the bounties placed on me?

    2. Ummm...No.

      You win, then the bounty would carry over to the next match...unless you get rid of the Goshawk, then it is "Invalid" goes back to the guy that placed it on you.

      But being the money making machine that you are...feel free to drop one on another player. I think that will be your best way to combat the bounties. No one can keep up with you C-Bill wise with your lack of repair costs. Out bid for the Win!...(it is the Yankee way.)