Friday, April 22, 2011

Faction List

Inner Sphere circa 3064     (click image for much larger map)

The Inner Sphere is a pretty big place.  Lots of places for your Mechwarrior to call home or to tie their loyalties to.  What impact will your faction have on the campaign?

1) Will determine what Mechs you have access to buy.
2) Will determine what "Stables" you will have access to. Being a member of a Stable will offer you certain bonuses.
3) Will determine what Sponsors you will have access to. Sponsors will offer some other bonuses, mostly cost savings on repairs or new mechs.

I'm currently working on a spreadsheet that details what mechs are available to which factions. But to start out here is a list of the Factions that will be available to play. Yes, you can be a clanner, limited to the Clans that might actually be at Solaris. There is a limit to the number of players per Faction (shown in parentheses).  There are penalties for offing one of your fellow stable mates, but no penalty for offing a fellow faction member, so don;t worry about that.  Anyway here is the list...

House Davion - Federated Suns (3) 
  • Scott
  • Mitch
  • Joel
House Kurita - Draconis Combine (3)
  • open
  • open
  • open
House Steiner - Lyran Alliance (3)
  • Dave
  • open
  • open
House Marik - Free Worlds League (3)
  • Dereck
  • open
  • open

House Liao - Capellan Confederation (3)
  • Rob
  • open
  • open
Periphery : Circinus Federation (1)
  • Jay
Periphery : Taurian Concordat (1)
  • Kyle
Ghost Bear Dominion (1)
  • Fab
Clan Wolf in Exile (1)
  • Jeff
Word of Blake (1)
  • Josh
Free Rassalhauge Republic (1) 
  • Gregg
ComStar (1)
  •  Lee
Clan Wolf (1)
  • Larry 
 Mercenary (3)
  • open
  • open
  • open
Periphery : Marian Hegemony (1) 
  • open
Periphery : Magistracy of Canopus (1) 
  • open
Periphery : Outworlds Alliance (1)  
  • open
    Clan Diamond Shark (1)
    • open
    Clan Jade Falcon (1)
    • open

    Clan Nova Cat (1)
    • open

    For details on each Faction, See the links in the Faction list menu on the right hand side of the page.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    The Factory: Terrain Project

    One of my Favorite arenas at Solaris is the Marik arena also known as "The Factory". Playing this Arena on a map can get a little confusing as to line of sight and where you can actually move to.

    Got a good start on the two main buildings of "The Factory".

    You can see them in the video below.

    Still need to finish the 3rd main building. Then Paint them all up.

    Built it totally out of scrap styrofoam and left over tile board from a bathroom remodel project. Only real cost was the foam cutter and the hot glue...Can't beat that price.

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    To do list for the Campaign...

    Here is what I have left to do before we can kick off this campaign in no particular order...

    • Link all Stables to Faction (Done)
    • Set starting C-Bill amount  (Done,  4 Million C- Bills, Done)
    • Decide how many mechwarriors each player will have...(Done, One, unlimited class)
    Still working on...
    • Decide do we run one battle at a time or have two tables going.  With half the players at each table, or each player running a mech in two battles.  (Probably a little of both)
    • Review Iniative.  Card based, use cards for fire declaration as well, and for Shooting (Will help determine kill shots)
    • Review bonuses each Stable will give you.
    • Get images for each stable...Do writeup on each stable...Link in menu on right side of blog
    • Build Steiner Arena on 6' x 4' table. (2" wide by 1.5" high stackable walls)
    • Build Factory Arena on 6' x 4' table
    • Review and tweak repair rules
    • Find / Consider modification rules.  
    • Consider where and if to add Solaris specific mechs.
     That's the starting point...sure there is more to come.