Monday, June 6, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Byron "Peacekeeper" Crais

Name: Byron Crais

Callsign: "Peacekeeper"

Player: Rob

Faction: Capellan Confederation - House Liao

Rank: Sang-Wei (Captain)

Unit: None (former Death Commando)

Current Battlemech:

Pillager PLG-4Z
Ti Ts'ang TSG-9H

Arena Kills: 6.5

Best finish:
1st (of 10) - The Factory - Battle #1
1st of 12 - Battle #8 - The Jungle

Current Stable:

Current Sponsors:
  • OGS Productions
  • Shengli Arms

Background:  Sang-Wei (Captain) Byron Crais was a ruthless, fast rising officer in the Death Commandos.  He received his first promotion in the unit as a reward by the Commandos Commanding Officer Micheal Hyung-Tsei.  The battlefield promotion was issued after Crais had executed another Death Commando for displaying marginally reckless attitude that was placing the unit in danger.  The Commando he executed was being unruly and threatened to attack another Commando on the team during an under cover mission deep in Davion Space.  Without a second thought, Crais shot the unprofessional officer, stopping the potential brawl and earning Crais the nickname "Peacekeeper" among the Commandos.

Crais' fast track in the Commandos was derailed when he came down with Kamakura Syndrome.  Kamakura Syndrome is an incurable genetic disease that attacks the inner ear of the victim.  The victim is fine other than being overly susceptible to space sickness.  After a Jump those with Kamakura Syndrome fall extremely ill, most lapse into a coma for roughly a week and are in a weakened state for over a month.  This was the case with Crais...ending his time with the often space traveling Death Commandos.

His reputation as a Death Commando was limiting to his future options.  Many unit commanders would not take on an officer that has killed one of his fellow officers.  This left Crais without a home.  He had applied to become one of the Chancellors personal guards when the Solaris Olympiad Series was announced.  The Chancellors staff thought Crais was a natural fit for the position, and after a quick audience with Sun-Tsu Liao, Crais secured his destiny.

Crais left right away for Solaris with the Chancellor's blessing.  He awoke from his illness induced coma in the Cathay district on Solaris 7, a warrior reborn.  He had found a way to best serve the Confederation and his Chancellor.  His illness would not be an issue with the year long contest on Solaris.  The Solaris Olympiad Series was to begin next month well after all symptoms of his illness had passed.  Crais was again a Death Commando maybe not in name, but he would be one in action.  The Solaris Olympiad Series was his to take for House Liao.  Let all the Inner Sphere throw their best at Crais.  He is ready for them.


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    Does you mech plug into the back of your neck?


  2. Sure does, and it helps!