Sunday, December 11, 2011

December was a tough month.

Due to Very low expected turnout, we bumped the event to January.

The 5 Players that made it tried out the Quick Strike rules for the next campaign.

Good stuff.  Speeds up the game quite a bit.

Here is the time line now...

January: Assassin match

February: Royal Rumble grand finale.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Off Board Time: Post Battle #10

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #10.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by.....
The order of elimination of the Team you were on, followed by the order you were eliminated.  The Winning team order was determined by lowest fame going first.

Remember you all have free repairs after the Survivor challenge, so you don;t need to worry about that.

Also you may want to review the "Assassin" rules for the next event.  It is a very unique and different game we will be playing.

Once everyone has done their off board time, we will do mech selection like always...high fame to low.

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) Peacekeeper (Rob) 
Bought Speed Demon skill
Bought Acrobat Skill
Modified TiTs'ang to TSG-9EE
Dumped Mace for Lasers heatsinks and Hand.

2) Buck (Lee) 
Buys Cicada CDA-3F
Replaces ERPPC with PPC
Buys Speed Demon Skill
Lowers Piloting.

3) Firebush (Kyle) 
Sells Berserker  (for $24+ Mill)
Lowers Gunnery to a 1.

4) Chef (Dave)   

Lowers Gunnery to a 2
Buys Speed Demon

 5) Flashy (Fab)  

Lowers Piloting to a 3
Buys Cool Hands
Looks at Solaris Used Mech classified ads.

 6) Bad Wolf (Jeff) 

Lowers my Gunnery to a 1

Buys Maneuvering Ace skill
Buys 1 fame

 7) Irish (Jay) 
SAP (Solaris Associated Press)
For Immediate release
Olympiad Mechwarrior Missing...
Jak "Irish" Black can not be located.  No one is quite sure where the Olympiad Mechwarrior who held 4th place in the standings has vanished to.  He was last seen at "The Royale" casino in Montenagro province.  His recent ties to the Blake's Castaways stable have folks talking, but a representative from Blakes Castaways assure us they are just as puzzled by his disappearance.  Apparently, his all of his Olympiad funds are missing as well. 

In a related story, Maggie and Molly Connelly, the top act at "The Royale" and some would say on all of Solaris VII, have disappeared as well.  The twin redhead singers were last seen mingling with the crowd after their performance.  Security cameras show them leaving the casino with an unknown male.  Heavy rain that evening prevented the cameras from getting a clear look at this person.  It is unknown at this time if the disappearances are related. 

 8) G-Force (Gregg)  


9) Ace (Dereck) 

Joins Galahad Stable.
Buys 2nd Edge point
Learns Cluster Expert missles

10) BlackJack (Scott)  
Lower Gunnery By 1
Lower Piloting By 1
Buy second Edge
learn cool hand
take toughness
Buys Warhammer IIC...
Mods it to a Rifleman Davion IIC wannabe.
2 Rac5's, 2 CLPL, Jump Jets.

11) ??? (Larry)   

12) Mayday (Mitch)

 Withdrew.  Sam "Mayday" Malone has withdrawn from the Olympiad.  He left on a Jumpship bound for the Federated Suns.  His daughter's wedding was bumped up by 3 months, as her unit was called up to active status with the ongoing Steiner/Davion conflict.  His immediate departure assures he will make it to New Avalon in time for the ceremony.

*** Current Player ***

Saturday, November 12, 2011

December Event: Assassin!

Time to start winding down this campaign.  We will wrap it up with 2 final events that are a little different.

The December event is called Assassin.

We are playing in the Factory Arena.
Starting positions will be randomly assigned.

There is one special rule.
You may only attack your assassination target.

Anyone attacking someone other than their assassination target will automatically be eliminated from not only the match, but the entire Olympiad.

Here is how it will work.

I have 12 sealed envelopes each with your name on them.  Inside this envelope is a yellow card with your targets name on it.  When you eliminate your target, your next target is the mech your target was hunting.

I figure this game will take a while so it will be the only event of the night.

Here is how I stuffed the envelopes, to calm those doubters out there.  I placed everyone's own yellow card in their own envelope.  I then shuffled the envelopes, so that I could not see the names, and placed them in a ring around the table.  I then opened the envelopes (unable to see the name on the yellow card or the envelope) and moved each yellow card one envelope to the left.  I then sealed the envelopes, and shuffled them again...without looking at the names.

This will make an "Assassination loop".  Meaning the only way you get your own card is if all the others are dead.

Special rules for this match.

When you are eliminated, you pass your current target card to the mechwarrior that eliminated you but keep the cards of those mechs you eliminated.

There is no murphy award for this battle, but you will get an extra 2 Million C-Bills and 1 Fame per card that you are holding at the end of the night. (Mechs that you assassinated)

Once can only attack the person whose card you have.  You can keep it a secret or show the world...the only person that needs to validate you have the correct card is your target, and if they ask to see your card, you must show them.

The one exception to the No attacking non-target rule is...You may make a "push" attack against a mech that is preventing you from moving.  For example you figure you will protect yourself from your unknown assassin, and back yourself into a corner.  Your assassin moves in to base to base with you.  Effectively trapping you in the corner.  In the physical attack phase you may attempt a Push attack, to give yourself some room to escape in the following movement phase.  Remember you must have two arms to make a pushing attack.

If someone can't make it that night, the person that was to assassinate them will open their envelope and take the inside card as their new target.

Don't like that you can't shoot back at the person that is shooting at you...too bad.  Kill the 10 guys in your way to get their card and when it is only the two of you left...then you can attack them.

Last mechwarrior standing gets a free mech from any list they may legally purchase from.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Team Survivor, Mech Selction and Draft.

The time has come for us to select teams for Battle #10 Team Survivor.

This will be a two part process...First each player will declare which of their mechs they will be using for the team survivor event.  Then the 4 team captains will draft from the other players.

Few things to remember.

1) Free repairs for your mechs after this fight.

2) The winning team members will all get Rolls on the Comstar Heavy Mech A column.

3) You may swap out your "selected" mech if with a mech you buy of higher C-Bill value, or you want to take the mech you won in the WSH battle.

4) Where it is a team event.  If someone can not make it, then the others of their team can play that persons mech for them.  This is an exception to all the other battles.  But necessary to keep the teams balanced.  I know Larry can't make it to the event.  Where repairs are will be like free exp for his character.  Anyone who is not there, can not have their mechwarrior killed.  If that situation comes up, we will count it as a mech destroyed, the mechwarrior will not die and the "Killer" will count the kill as a regular non-lethal kill.

Survivor Mech Selection
Mitch - Charger CGR-1D10T
Rob - Ti Ts'ang TSG-9PK
Jeff - Ryoken (can wait to just before match to declare B or C version)
Jay - Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"
Scott - Supernova "Blackjack"
Kyle - Berserker BRZ-B3
Fab - Mad Cat A
Lee - Awesome AWS-9Q
Dereck - Orion ON-2M
Gregg - Crusader CRD-5K
Larry - Annihilator C  (Doubtful that they will make it.)
Dave - Highlander HGR-732

Once everyone has selected their Mech then we will do the this order. 
A) (Jay)  Scott - Supernova "Blackjack"
B) (Jeff) Kyle - Berserker BRZ-B3
C) (Rob) Lee - Awesome AWS-9Q
D) (Mitch) Dave - Highlander HGR-732

A) (Jay) Fab - Mad Cat A
B) (Jeff) Dereck - Orion ON-2M
C) (Rob) Larry - Annihilator C
D) (Mitch) Gregg - Crusader CRD-5K

* Jay - Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"
* Scott - Supernova "Blackjack"
* Fab - Mad Cat A
Total Tons: 240   
Total Tiers: 13

* Jeff - Ryoken
* Kyle - Berserker BRZ-B3
* Dereck - Orion ON-2M
Total Tons:  230   
Total Tiers: 10

* Rob -Ti Ts'ang TSG-9PK
* Lee - Awesome AWS-9Q
* Larry - Annihilator C
Total Tons: 240  
Total Tiers: 12

* Mitch - Charger CGR-1D10T
* Dave - Highlander HGR-732
* Gregg - Crusader CRD-5K
Total Tons: 240
Total Tiers: 11 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Off Board Time: After Battle #8

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #8.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination in Battle #8 getting the first slot.

You will need to do two things with this Off Board time.  First is your regular off board time stuff.  Tell me if you are going to repair your mech, buy any skills / stables or sponsors...etc.

Second - Battle #9 is the Wasp / Stinger / Hornet battle.  You must look at your faction list or any list you are authorized to buy from, and declare which Wasp , Stinger or Hornet chassis you will take.  Remember it must have Jump Jets, so the Stinger 6L is not an option.  Remember that Comstar, and the clanners can try to get the Stinger STG-3Gb...with a back up selection if they fail that roll.  ***You only need access to the buy lists for those factions, So if you can buy Clan mechs or from the Comstar or WoB have a shot at getting the STG-3Gb ***

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) ??? (Larry)   
Joins Clan Wolf faction.

Take the Weapons Specialist (Clan Ultra AC10)
Take Cluster Expert (Direct Fire)
Buys Annihilator C 
Will try for the Stinger STG-3Gb, if that fails will take the Wasp WSP-1A

2) BlackJack (Scott)  
Sells Nightsky
Repairs Cyclops
Sells Cyclops
Buys Supernova
Mods Supernova into Supernova (Blackjack)
Lowers Piloting
Takes out $10,000,000 loan
Will attempt for Royal Stinger, otherwise Wasp WSP-3S

3) Ace (Dereck)  
repair the Hunchback
Sell the Hunchback
lower gunnery
buy edge point
buy weapon specialist Gauss rifle
buy the Orion ON-2M

for first battle will take the Stinger STG-3G

4) Flashy (Fab)  
Repair Warhawk

Will try for the Royal Stinger...
and take the Stinger STG-3R as his fallback.

5) Firebush (Kyle)
Repairs Awesome
Lowers Gunnery to a 2

Selects the Stinger STG-5R for the match  (from the House Liao list, Faction ability unlocked with 10+ fame)

6) Mayday (Mitch)
Repair Charger
Sell Hatchetman
lowered Piloting to a 1

Takes Hornet HNT-171

7) Chef (Dave)  
Waiting to repair Highlander til after the WSH match...

Takes the Wasp WSP-1S for the challenge

8) Irish (Jay)  
Repairs Black Knight
Buys 2nd Edge
Lowers Piloting to a 3
Then Lowers Piloting to a 2
Sells Marauder

Will try for Royal Stinger...with the STG-5R as the fall back

9) G-Force (Gregg)  
Joins Lynch Stable
Waits on Repairing Crusader til after WSH battle (might save need for loan)

Takes Wasp WSP-1A for the WSH battle.

10) Bad Wolf (Jeff) 

Waiting on repairs for Nova
Will try for Royal Stinger with the Wasp WSP-1A as the backup.

11) Buck (Lee)  

Repairs Awesome
Modifies King Crab.
Removes LRM15 and ammo
Removes both AC20's
Adds 2 LBX-20AC's with 4 more tons of ammo
Adds ER Small laser
Swaps 16 tons of F-Fiberous Armor for 19.5 tons of Standard armor
Lowers Gunnery
Takes Edge point
Will try for the Royal Stinger, with the Stinger STG-3G as backup

12) Peacekeeper (Rob)
Paid off $4,000,000 loan.
Repaired Pillager (Damaged)

Sold Pillager (Sponsor purchased one, keeping the awarded one)
Sold Vindicator
Bought Ti Ts'ang TSG-9H
Bought Improved Piloting (2)
Modifies Ti Ts'ang...
Removes TAG and 2 ER Small lasers
Swaps Hatchet with Mace (Solaris Weapon...VEST sponsor)
Moves 2 jump jets out of legs into empty CT space left by TAG
Moves 2 EndoSteel crits to other arm to make space for Mace
Moves ERSL from arm to empty Head critical

Takes the Stinger STG-5R for WSH battle

13) Prez or ??? (Josh)  *** Current Player ***
Or reset and...Need Faction choice, Name, Callsign, Image, Spend 26 CP and $10,125,360

14) ???  (Joel)
Need Name, Callsign, Image, Spend 26 CP and $10,125,360 C-Bills

After Action Report: Battle #8

Setting: The Jungle (House Liao)

Order of Elimination
  1. Larry - Head Capped - KIA - Mitch (Jeff Assist)
  2. Scott - Surrendered - 
  3. Dereck - Mech Destroyed -
  4. Fab - Mech Destroyed - Rob, Jay, Lee
  5. Kyle - Mech Destroyed - Dereck
  6. Dave - Mech Destroyed - 
  7. Mitch - Mech Destroyed - Rob
  8. Jay - Mech Destroyed - Lee
  9. Gregg - Mech Destroyed - Rob
  10. Jeff - Mech Destroyed - Lee
  11. Lee - Surrendered - Rob
  12. Rob - Winner
Key Moments:

17 point hatchet hit to Larry's head.

All the modified mechs setting up next to each other, helping the rest of the field.

Jeff and Rob not shooting at each other from the start.

Kyle getting bogged down in the river.

Lee unable to move off the closing board edge...but having his best game to date.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After Action Report: Battle #7 Commando Challenge

Setting: Steiner Coliseum

 Order of Elimination

  1. Gregg - Mech Destroyed - Jeff, Scott
  2. Fab - Mech Destroyed - Jay
  3. Lee - Mech Destroyed - Larry, Dereck
  4. Kyle - Mech Destroyed - Scott
  5. Dave - Mech Destroyed - Meech
  6. Larry - Mech Destroyed - Jay, Dereck, Meech, Scott
  7. Dereck - Mech Destroyed - Larry
  8. Rob - Mech Destroyed - Jeff
  9. Jeff - Mech Destroyed - Scott
  10. Scott - Mech Destroyed - Jay
  11. Jay - Mech Destroyed - Meech, Scott
  12. Meech - Winner!
Key Moments:

Jeff taking down Rob's mech, and Rob taking Jeff's leg.  Remaining mechs all stop fighting to run across the map to get Jeff's legged mech.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Gordon "Chef" Ramsay

Name: Gordon Ramsay 

Callsign: Chef

Player: Dave

 Lyran Alliance - House Steiner

Staff Sergeant Major

(Head Chef)

3rd Royal Guard;
Command Staff Support

Current Battlemech:
Highlander HGR-732

Arena Kills:0

Best finish: 
7th of 12- Battle #8 - (Jungle)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Background:  Gordon Ramsey is the pride of the 3rd Royal Guard.  Not for his ability on the field of battle, but for his skills in the kitchen.  

 He started out as the typical Lyran mechwarrior, though he has always had problems dealing with authority figures.  Working better alone than as part of a unit, Ramsay usually found the wrath of his XO.  This along with a tough as nails attitude landed him on the receiving end of verbal abuse from many a commanding officer.  Time and time again he was re-assigned after he outlasted the worst his CO could throw at him.

That was until he landed in the 3rd Royal Guard.  It was there they accidentally discovered Ramsay's skill in the kitchen.  His prepration of a field ration kit, so impressed his CO, he was re-assigned to the Command Company and eventually became the head chef for the battalion when on combat deployment.  There he is the one barking orders to his subordinates, using his past experiences on the receiving end and turning them about..

He comes to the Solaris Olympiad representing the Lyran Alliance.  He is a replacement for Archibald "Apollo" Kennedy in the top tier of Olympiad contestants.  Kennedy was found dead in an alley behind the Coliseum arena.  Many think he was removed by an over zealous Lyran supporter, after "Apollo" foolishly teamed with the Clan Ghost Bear contestant against other inner sphere mechwarriors.   

"Chef" Ramsey solo style has served him well in the Olympiad so far.  Though he lost his mech, an Axman, in his last match.  He has been placed in the Main event for Battle #7 "The Commando Challenge".  Representing House Steiner, in the Steiner Coliseum, in a match sponsored by the Archon herself is a tall order...But as always Ramsey is up for the challenge.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wasp/Stinger/Hornet Challenge - Battle #9

Not to be outdone by his sister, Victor Steiner-Davion will be sponsoring a Challenge match.

Battle #9 will be known as the Wasp/Stinger/Hornet Challenge.  All mechwarriors must select a Jump capable Wasp, Stinger or Hornet Inner sphere chassis from their faction lists.  These mechs will be free, mechwarriors will not have to pay for their repairs.  The setting will be the Boreal Reach Arena using the "Devils Bath" settings.  No modifications may be made to the mechs.   This challenge will again test the mechwarriors skill, but Victor wanted to challenge the mechwarriors ability to control heat in a jumping mech (which is why the Locust was left off the list for this apparent 20 ton challenge).

EDIT: We will randomly split the field into two groups, and play this match on two tables.  Both using the "Devils Bath" map just with fewer pillars.

I'm also adding a mech that might be available to be taken by a Clanner, Comstar or Word of Blake player.  When Kerensky took the Star League army on his exodus, with him went some of the "Royal" star league units.  These Royal units had some pretty sweet modified versions of the standard Star league mechs (that are pretty good as they are.)  One of these "Royal" mechs was a Stinger, and while extremely rare, it does qualify as legal for this match format. 
  • If a clanner wants to take one, they must roll a 9+ on 2d6.  
  • For the Comstar or Word of Blake player will need an 11+ on 2d6 (Very few Royal mechs were left behind, and all of those were posessed by Comstar.)  

Stinger STG-3Gb Stats.

To risk their lives in a mech not really of their choosing, Victor will make the risk worth while.

The first Two contestants eliminated from each map will be given 4 Million C-bills each.

All other contestants not finishing in the top 2 places will be awarded 2 Million C-Bills each.

The Top two on each map finishers will be given a Mech, which will have all repair costs covered for the remainder of the Olympiad. 

The mechs will be placed in a pool.  The 1st place finisher with the most Kills in their match will get 1st pick, then the other 1st place finishers, the 2nd place finisher with the most kills in their match will get the 3rd pick, and the other 2nd place finisher will get the remaining mech.

The Four prize mechs are...

Thunderbolt TDR-9NAIS

JagerMech JM7-F

Falconer FLR-8R

Sagittare SGT-8R

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Anthony "Buck" Rogers

Name: Anthony Rogers


Player: Lee

Faction: ComStar

Rank: Demi-Precentor

1st Army "The Bear Maulers"
12th Division "Pure Waveforms"

Current Battlemech:
Awesome AWS-9Q
King Crab KGC-000

Arena Kills:3

Best finish: 
2nd of 12 (Battle #8 - Jungle)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Background: As with most ComGuard mechwarriors, little is known about Anthony "Buck" Rogers.

Veteran of both Tukayyid in 3052 and Operation Bulldog in 3059, Buck is an expert at fighting against Clan mechwarriors.

Concerned that a Clanner might win the initial Martial Olympiad, ComStar sent one of their best.

How that battlefield experience will convert to the Arena?  We will find out.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"

Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"

Mech Class: Heavy

Weight: 75 Tons

Tech Base: Mixed (IS Chassis, Clan weapons)

Primary Manufacturer:
Blake's Castaways (Solaris 7)

Olympiad Mechwarriors:
Jak "Irish" Black

The Black Knight was introduced in 2578 as a front-line command BattleMech for the Star League Defense Force at the company and battalion level. Its advanced communications gear allowed the Black Knight to effortlessly coordinate an entire company of 'Mechs simultaneously, and could easily link into the command frequencies of its parent regiment and orbital support satellites. The loss of Kong's orbital factory in 2802 forced the company to produce less advanced line of Black Knight 'Mechs, though the recovery of lostech has allowed for more advanced variants to be produced.

The Black Knight is a BattleMech that appears to be a jack-of-all-trades. The all energy weapon configuration allows it to operate for long periods without re-supply. The 13 tons of good armor protection on an Endo Steel frame allows the 'Mech to stand up to a great deal of punishment, while its Beagle Active Probe allows it to work well as a command 'Mech and a heavy scout. The main drawback of the design is its use of single heat sinks. With twenty heat sinks it is able to dissipate a great deal of the heat produced by its weapons. However, if the Black Knight finds itself in a protracted combat situation, a less experienced MechWarrior can have trouble with heat management. 

The Black Knight "Reaver" is a Modified version of the Davion made BL-12-KNT.  The two Large lasers are replaced with Clan ER Large Lasers, purchased from Clan Diamond Shark.  The four Medium lasers are replaced with Clan ER versions as well.

Removed is the ER PPC and in it's place is a Hatchet.  With the removal of the PPC the required size and computing power of the Targeting computer was cut in half.  The saved tonnage was used for additional armor and one more Double heat sink.

The most expensive change was adding the MASC system that will let the Black Knight spped up when needed.

Saffron's Analysis:  
Good at all ranges, this mech is one to take note of.  Clan weapons, and a Hatchet along with Max Armor.    

The only down side that I can see is the weight class.  Facing off against Assault mechs is the one downfall of many modified heavy mechs.  The internal structure is just not as durable as the big boys. 

Still, This is one of my favorite designs in the Olympiad and should do very well.

Rating: 9.0 of 10

Tech Readout:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mech Modification: Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"

Our Modified Mechs have added another to their ranks.

Irish has jumped into bed with both Blake's Castaways and Clan Diamond Shark.  Doing so he has built a pretty scary Class 4 Mech.

"Red" should be reviewing this one shortly.   Stay tuned...

Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"
Rules Level: Experimental Tech
Technology Base: Mixed
Chassis Config: Biped
Production Year: 3066
Extinct By: Unknown

Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel
Power Plant: Unknown 300 Fusion Engine
Cruising Speed: 43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h (86.4 km/h)
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Unknown Standard Armor
     2 (CL) ER Large Lasers
     4 (CL) ER Medium Lasers
     1 Hatchet
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Technology Base: Mixed 75.00 tons
Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 9,413,250 C-Bills
BV2: 2,652 Tech Rating/Era Availability: X/X-X-X


Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 4.00
Internal Locations: 2 CT, 1 LT, 4 LA, 3 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL
Engine: 300 Fusion Engine 19.00
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6 (8)
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: 17 (34) - Double Heat Sink (12 in engine) 7.00
Heat Sink Locations: 2 LT, 2 RT, 1 LA
Gyro: Standard 3.00
Cockpit: Standard 3.00
Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H
Armor: 231 points - Standard Armor 14.50

Internal Armor

Structure Factor
Head: 3 9
Center Torso: 23 35
Center Torso (rear):
R/L Torso: 16 24
R/L Torso (rear):
R/L Arm: 12 24
R/L Leg: 16 32

Weapons and AmmoLocationHeatCriticalsTonnage
Hatchet RA 0 5 5.00
(CL) ER Medium Laser LA 5 1 1.00
(CL) ER Medium Laser RT 5 1 1.00
(CL) ER Large Laser RT 12 1 4.00
MASC RT 0 4 4.00
(CL) ER Medium Laser LT 5 1 1.00
(CL) ER Large Laser LT 12 1 4.00
(IS) Targeting Computer LT -- 3 3.00
(CL) ER Medium Laser HD 5 1 1.00

BattleForce Statistics
MVS (+0)M (+2)L (+4)E (+6)Wt.OVArmor: 8Points: 27
5552031Structure: 6
Special Abilities: MEL, ENE, SRCH, ES, SOA

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Cyclops CP-11-BJ "BlackJack"

Name: Cyclops CP-11-BJ "BlackJack" 

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 90 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Primary Manufacturer:
Starlight Stables (Solaris 7)

Olympiad Mechwarriors:
Charles "BlackJack" Jackson (Scott)

The Cyclops began production in 2710 and gets its name from its cockpit, which looks like a single eye in the center of its head assembly. The Cyclops was designed as a heavy assault and command 'Mech. In order to carry out this role, the Cyclops is built to defend itself at a variety of ranges and also has a top speed of 64.8 km/h, which is higher than average for most ninety ton 'Mechs. Additionally, the Cyclops is armored with ten tons of armor. While this is below average for a 'Mech of its weight, the tendency of a Cyclops not to go anywhere without the rest of a command lance means that the 'Mech, and the commander inside, are generally well protected.

The CP-11-BJ "BlackJack" began life as a CP-11-G.  It has gotten a complete overhaul thanks to the engineers at NAIS and the techs from Starlight Stables.  The primary armament are twin Rotary AC 5's with one located in each torso.  Each have two tons of Case protected ammo also located in the side torsos.   Three ER Medium Lasers are the back up weapons, with one in each arm and one in the Center torso. 

To save on weight one heat sink was removed.  To maximize protection, the ferro-fiberous armor was removed and replaced with 17.5 tons of standard armor.

Saffron's Analysis:  
This one is a brawler alright.  Not your typical Cyclops which usually doesn't quite live up to the "Assault" class it is in.

In the cramped areas of our Arenas, this mech should shine.  With Max armor, it should be around for a bit.  A 90 ton mech moving 4/6/0 without an XL engine is not that common a sight.

The downside to this mech are hard to find, but here goes.  80 rounds of RAC5 ammo might be too little, given the mech has max armor.  Good chance this mech runs out of ammo before the armor is penetrated.  The only other "flaw" I can see is no long range weaponry...though in the arenas, that rarely comes into play. 

Rating: 8.5 of 10

Tech Readout:

Mech Modification: Cyclops CP-11-BJ "BlackJack"

Our 2nd Modified Mech.  BlackJack  has taken advantage of his NAIS sponsorship and Starlight stables Membership to make this nasty beast.

"Red" should be reviewing this one shortly.   Stay tuned...

Cyclops CP-11-BJ
Rules Level: Tournament Legal
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Chassis Config: Biped
Production Year: 3058
Extinct By: Never

Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel
Power Plant: Unknown 360 Fusion Engine
Cruising Speed: 43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Unknown Standard Armor w/ CASE
     2 Rotary AC/5s
     3 ER Medium Lasers
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Technology Base: Inner Sphere 90.00 tons
Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 10,152,460 C-Bills
BV2: 2,141 Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-X-E


Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 4.50
Internal Locations: 1 HD, 1 CT, 1 LT, 1 RT, 3 LA, 3 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL
Engine: 360 Fusion Engine 33.00
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: 10 (20) - Double (10 in engine) 0.00
Gyro: Standard 4.00
Cockpit: Standard 3.00
Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H
Armor: 279 points - Standard Armor 17.50
CASE Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT 1.00

Internal Armor

Structure Factor
Head: 3 9
Center Torso: 29 44
Center Torso (rear):
R/L Torso: 19 29
R/L Torso (rear):
R/L Arm: 15 30
R/L Leg: 19 38

Weapons and AmmoLocationHeatCriticalsTonnage
ER Medium Laser RA 5 1 1.00
ER Medium Laser LA 5 1 1.00
Rotary AC/5 RT 1 /shot (6.0 max) 6 10.00
Rotary AC/5 LT 1 /shot (6.0 max) 6 10.00
ER Medium Laser CT 5 1 1.00
@Rotary AC/5 (40) RT -- 2 2.00
@Rotary AC/5 (40) LT -- 2 2.00

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Jungle (House Liao) Map

Video of the Jungle Arena.

Quite open.  Collapsing map should make things fun.  You can find all the rules in the link above.

Friday, September 23, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Gunnar "Gunner" Jensen

Name: Gunnar Jensen KIA

Callsign: Gunner

Player: Larry

Faction: Mercenary

Rank: None

The Expendables (Merc Company)

Current Battlemech:

Arena Kills: 0

Best finish:

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Background: Gunnar has an on again off again relationship with his Merc company "The Expendables".  He has been sent by them to compete in the Solaris Olympiad.  Though it is not sure if they are looking to drum up some potential clients or to get Gunnar out of way.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Burton "G-Force" Guster

Name: Burton Guster

Callsign: G-Force

Player: Gregg

Faction: Free Rasalhauge Republic

Rank: Hauptmann

Unit: Unknown

Current Battlemech:
Crusader CRD-5K

Arena Kills:1

Best finish:
4th of 12 (Battle #8 - Jungle)

Current Stable:
Lynch Stables

Current Sponsors: none

Burton Guster is a private detective, sort of, on the weekends. Recently he and his partner had heard of a black market ring trying to infiltrate the Solaris 7 games.

The previous pilot for the Free Rasalhague Republic was killed under mysterious circumstances when the blast bolts for his cockpit canopy failed to fire upon auto ejection. Taking the case and given the temporary rank of Hauptmann, Burton is ready to put his 1042 hours of clocked mech simulator time to good use in finding out what is really going on in the Solaris 7 games.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Commando CMD-7S

Name: Commando CMD-7S

Mech Class: Light

Weight: 25 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Primary Manufacturer:
Lyran Alliance (House Steiner)

Olympiad Mechwarriors:
All, Commando Challenge Mech

The Commando was commissioned in 2463 to be built by Coventry Metal Works (then known as Coventry Defense Conglomerate) as the Lyran Commonwealth's first reconnaissance BattleMech, but it is also used for close-range support due to its firepower. It carries four tons of armor, but against anything other than other light 'Mechs the difference in the amount of armor is negligible.

It is often claimed that the Commando was designed as a competitor with both the popular Wasp and Stinger light 'Mechs, but these were in fact only developed some years later (in 2471 and 2479, respectively).

The Commando is mainly in Lyran use, while the COM-2D is also produced in the Taurian Concordat and the Marian Hegemony deploys the COM-4H.  


COM-7S - This update of the Commando is built on an Endo Steel chassis and uses a Light Fusion engine. The 'Mech carries two Streak SRM-2 launchers, an SRM-4 with an Artemis IV Fire Control System, and two ER Medium Lasers.  

Saffron's Analysis:  
Quite the generous gift from Archon Katrina Steiner, over a dozen of the Commando 7S chassis's.

Solid design for 25 tons.  More firepower than should logically come from a light mech.  Armor is OK, Lyran Light Engine makes the mech a little more fragile than your average light mech.  The lack of Jump jets hurts the design, but really wouldn't be a commando if it was jumping around.

The mechwarrior that can hit while not being hit will walk away as champion of the Commando Challenge.

Rating: 4 of 10

Tech Readout:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Off Board Time: After Battle #6

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #6.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by the order of elimination in Battle #6 getting the first slot.

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) Chef (Dave)   
Spend 22 CP and $8,955,488 C-Bills
Selected Lyran Alliance - House Steiner faction
Waiting til after Commando Challenge

2) Peacekeeper (Rob)
Dumped Sponsor (Shengli Arms... -2 Fame, -4 CP, -$450,000)

Waiting til after Commando Challenge

3) Gunner (Larry)  
Selected Mercenary faction.
Bought Awesome AWS-9Q
Learned Weapons Specialist Inner Sphere PPC skill
Took Toughness Ability

4) Ace (Dereck)  

Clint Bowyer for the Win!!!...Go Smoke!

5) Mayday (Mitch)


6) G-Force (Gregg)  
Selected Free Rasalhauge Republic
Bought Cluster Expert (Missiles)


7) Bad Wolf (Jeff)


8) Irish (Jay)  
Sells Hunchback and Goliath
Joins Blake's Castaways Stable
Lands Diamond Shark Sponsorship
Buys Edge
Modifies Black Knight to "Reaver" version

9) Buck (Lee)


To Welker...Touchdown Patriots!

10) BlackJack (Scott) 

Sell Hunchback and Grasshopper, repair Cyclops
Join Starlight
Sign With NAIS
Learn Cluster Fire Expert: Direct Fire
Learn Weapon Expert: RAC
Modify Cyclops from 11-G variant to the new 11-BJ variant

11) Flashy (Fab)  

12) Firebush (Kyle)
Lowers Piloting

13) Prez or ??? (Josh)  *** Current Player ***
Or reset and...Need Faction choice, Name, Callsign, Image, Spend 22 CP and $8,955,488 C-Bills

14) ???  (Joel)
Need Name, Callsign, Image, Spend 22 CP and $8,955,488 C-Billsd