Friday, September 9, 2011

Definition of "Surrender" & How the "No Surrender" mechwarriors are eliminated

There has been some confusion and questions asked about the term "surrender".  When can someone who can't surrender Eject or withdraw? 
This post should help clear it up.

There are some factions / stables that can not Surrender.  For the purposes of this campaign, that means they will continue fighting until their mech no longer functions.  So they are the ones that will be still fighting missing two legs and an arm, hoping that they can get that one torso mounted ER Small laser to hit something.  It does not mean that after they take their third engine hit they will sit in their cockpit.  Once their mech stops working they can crawl out of their cockpit (not ejecting) and run to one of the many safety rooms located throughout every arena.

The "no surrender" mechwarriors are tenacious and determined but not suicidal. 

Here are all the ways a "No Surrender" mechwarrior can be eliminated from the battle.

  • Their mech loses the last CT internal structure
  • Their mech takes a 3rd Engine hit
  • Their mech takes a 2nd Gyro hit
  • The cockpit is destroyed, either through critical hit or head internal structure loss.
  • Their mech loses its 4th limb
  • Withdrawing from the arena (Only if mech crippled and they have no useable weapons remaining)
  • The mechwarrior ejects.
Now there are only two situations when the mechwarrior can eject. 

  1. Through an Auto-eject due to an Ammo explosion.
  2. Manual Ejection when their mech is shut down due to overheating.  (May not turn off heat sinks to get mech to shut down)
 Hope this clears things up. 

In Short... No you can't walk over and step on the cockpit of the Clan mechwarrior who took two gyro hits and can no longer move their mech.  They get out and run to safety.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reset Button and New Players

In an effort to shorten the gap between the "haves" from the "have nots"...I'm going to give folks the chance to hit the "reset button" on their character should the choose to do so.  Wait ...What?  Relax, this is just a less friendly version of the mechwarrior death rules.  Essentially what the player is doing is dropping their mechwarrior and starting to play another mechwarrior that is part of the Olympiad. 
These will also be the rules for new players joining the campaign.
Hitting the Reset button will do the following for you...
  • Sets your Fame to 0.  If you were at Negative Fame it is reset to 0.
  • You lose all your skills, abilities, stables, sponsors and reserve mechs in your mech bay.  You are not refunded for those losses.
  • Your CP is reset to 10 and  you get +2 for every battle we have had up to this point. So if your resetting after battle #5, you would get 20 CP for your new guy.
  • You lose all your C-Bills resetting them to 0. You receive C-Bills equal to the average value of the all the Battlemechs in the last battle, (fallback mechs count as $0). 
  • Any awards (Murphy or Contest awards) the  mechwarrior would have received from the prior contest are forfeit.  
Hitting the Reset Button for of Battle #5 will get you...

0 Fame
18 CP
$6,545,982 C-bills (average value of all mechs in the battles 4A and 4B).

What to do to use the reset button

  1. Lose your  no longer have it
  2. Set your Fame to 0. 
  3. Set your CP to 0
  4. Add 10CP +2 more CP for each battle we have had in the campaign so far. 
  5. Remove any Skills, abilities, stables, sponsors or reserve mechs you might have had.
  6. Set your C-Bills to $0.
  7. Receive the Average C-Bill value of all mechs in the last battle (combine split battles).   
  8. Pick your new faction.  (If you want to stay the same you can skip this step)
  9. Create a new Name and Call sign for your new mechwarrior.
  10. Wait for your turn during the Off Board Time to buy your new mech.

(Can't really see anyone doing this as it will be a step back from where they already are, but it is an option.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Charger CGR-1D10T "Mayday"

Not my mini...will get an image of mine soon. (better paint job)
Name: Charger CGR-1D10T "Mayday"

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 80 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Primary Manufacturer:
Starlight Stables (Solaris)

Olympiad Mechwarriors:
Sam "Mayday" Malone

The "Mayday" is started it's life as a Charger CGR-1A1...Little remains of the original chassis for this massivly overhauled re-model.  The internal structure was re-restructured, with Endo-Steel replacing the heaviest parts.  The standard fussion engine was replaced as well installing a Pitban 400XL...the largest production Fusion engine available.  To get the most of the Engine and make this the one of the fastest Assault mechs in on Solaris, the legs were lengthened by almost three meters. 

The entire chassis was then covered with 14 tons of Ferro-Fiberous armor.  With all the changes the new "Mayday" barely looks like a Charger, but with the 86 Kph top speed it sure does act like one..    


The entire weapon load was replaced with Two ER Large Lasers, Three Medium Pulse Lasers and an ER Small laser.  What Arena mech would be complete without a close combat weapon so a Hatchet was added, those it is more of a cleaver type hatchet that closely resembles a sword.  During the design process-the Hatchet was placed in the Right Arm of the "Mayday", at the request of Sam "Mayday" Malone who is Right-handed.  The design would not allow for the addition of a 2nd actuator, so the left arm has a "dummy" hand that is non-functional.    

Saffron's Analysis:  
A true Arena mech.  Fast, Combat weapon, Max armor.  What is not to like?

Well just a couple of things.  XL engines are a little more fragile then their standard counterparts.  Second, the lack of Jump jets can be an issue on some maps.  Finally the twin ER Large lasers should reach out and touch anything but those are the only weapons that are accurate over 300 meters.

Still, I have a feeling that you will be seeing this mech in the Olympiad for quite a while.

Rating: 8.5 of 10

Tech Readout:

"Red" Reviews: Awesome AWS-9Q

Name: Awesome AWS-9Q

Mech Class: Assault

Weight: 80 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Primary Manufacturer:
Free Worlds League

Olympiad Mechwarriors:
Kaari "Firebush" Byronne
Cyril "Truckasaurus" Spencer

The Awesome was originally designed by Technicron Manufacturing in 2665 to replace the STR-2C Striker. The Awesome is built around its impressive all energy based arsenal and heavy armor making it a highly independent and powerful assault 'Mech. Rugged and reliable, the Awesome is traditionally used in a vanguard role when penetrating enemy defenses. The Awesome's massive firepower also lends it to defensive actions, acting as a mobile turret when necessary. Because of its reliance on PPCs, the Awesome is able to act independently for extended periods of time. This trait is also useful in siege situations where the 'Mech can keep up a constant barrage, allowing it to win battles of attrition through bleeding an enemy dry.

The Awesome AWS-8Q has a limited, but effective, armament consisting of three Kreuss PPCs giving it an immense amount of damage potential at ranges exceeding five hundred meters. The 'Mech also mounts a Diverse Optics Type 10 Small Laser for close range defense.
A basic upgrade of the 8Q, the 9Q Awesome upgrades the heat sinks to double heat sinks and reduces the number of them to nineteen. The saved weight is used to add a fourth PPC to the 'Mech as well as a Guardian ECM Suite.

Saffron's Analysis:  
WOW...This mech lives up to it's name of Awesome.  Maximum armor for the Chassis and a Standard Fusion Engine mean this monster will be tough to bring down.  Four PPC's on one mech with enough Heat sinks to fire them in volleys of 4, 4, 3...Whew.

The one weak point is if someone gets close...Then the well known inaccuracy of the PPC at point blank comes into play.  Get to the rear arc and you will only have to face one PPC. 

Mech is so good that of the hundreds of choices that there are out there, two of our contestants have taken the AWS-9Q...that should speak volumes as to how good she is.

Rating: 9 of 10

Tech Readout: