Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reset Button and New Players

In an effort to shorten the gap between the "haves" from the "have nots"...I'm going to give folks the chance to hit the "reset button" on their character should the choose to do so.  Wait ...What?  Relax, this is just a less friendly version of the mechwarrior death rules.  Essentially what the player is doing is dropping their mechwarrior and starting to play another mechwarrior that is part of the Olympiad. 
These will also be the rules for new players joining the campaign.
Hitting the Reset button will do the following for you...
  • Sets your Fame to 0.  If you were at Negative Fame it is reset to 0.
  • You lose all your skills, abilities, stables, sponsors and reserve mechs in your mech bay.  You are not refunded for those losses.
  • Your CP is reset to 10 and  you get +2 for every battle we have had up to this point. So if your resetting after battle #5, you would get 20 CP for your new guy.
  • You lose all your C-Bills resetting them to 0. You receive C-Bills equal to the average value of the all the Battlemechs in the last battle, (fallback mechs count as $0). 
  • Any awards (Murphy or Contest awards) the  mechwarrior would have received from the prior contest are forfeit.  
Hitting the Reset Button for of Battle #5 will get you...

0 Fame
18 CP
$6,545,982 C-bills (average value of all mechs in the battles 4A and 4B).

What to do to use the reset button

  1. Lose your  no longer have it
  2. Set your Fame to 0. 
  3. Set your CP to 0
  4. Add 10CP +2 more CP for each battle we have had in the campaign so far. 
  5. Remove any Skills, abilities, stables, sponsors or reserve mechs you might have had.
  6. Set your C-Bills to $0.
  7. Receive the Average C-Bill value of all mechs in the last battle (combine split battles).   
  8. Pick your new faction.  (If you want to stay the same you can skip this step)
  9. Create a new Name and Call sign for your new mechwarrior.
  10. Wait for your turn during the Off Board Time to buy your new mech.

(Can't really see anyone doing this as it will be a step back from where they already are, but it is an option.)

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