Friday, September 9, 2011

Definition of "Surrender" & How the "No Surrender" mechwarriors are eliminated

There has been some confusion and questions asked about the term "surrender".  When can someone who can't surrender Eject or withdraw? 
This post should help clear it up.

There are some factions / stables that can not Surrender.  For the purposes of this campaign, that means they will continue fighting until their mech no longer functions.  So they are the ones that will be still fighting missing two legs and an arm, hoping that they can get that one torso mounted ER Small laser to hit something.  It does not mean that after they take their third engine hit they will sit in their cockpit.  Once their mech stops working they can crawl out of their cockpit (not ejecting) and run to one of the many safety rooms located throughout every arena.

The "no surrender" mechwarriors are tenacious and determined but not suicidal. 

Here are all the ways a "No Surrender" mechwarrior can be eliminated from the battle.

  • Their mech loses the last CT internal structure
  • Their mech takes a 3rd Engine hit
  • Their mech takes a 2nd Gyro hit
  • The cockpit is destroyed, either through critical hit or head internal structure loss.
  • Their mech loses its 4th limb
  • Withdrawing from the arena (Only if mech crippled and they have no useable weapons remaining)
  • The mechwarrior ejects.
Now there are only two situations when the mechwarrior can eject. 

  1. Through an Auto-eject due to an Ammo explosion.
  2. Manual Ejection when their mech is shut down due to overheating.  (May not turn off heat sinks to get mech to shut down)
 Hope this clears things up. 

In Short... No you can't walk over and step on the cockpit of the Clan mechwarrior who took two gyro hits and can no longer move their mech.  They get out and run to safety.

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