Tuesday, June 21, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Jak "Irish" Black

Name: Jak Black 

Callsign: "Irish"

Player: Jay

Faction: Circinus Federation

Rank: Unknown

Unit: Unknown

Current Battlemechs: 

Black Knight BL-12-KNT (Reaper)

Axman AXM-1N
Marauder MAD-5L

Arena Kills: 11.5

Best finish: 

1st (of 6) - Devil's Bath - Battle #4B
2nd of 12 - Battle #7 - Commando Challenge

Current Stable: Blake's Castaways

Current Sponsors: Clan Diamond Shark


From: Col Will Blake, 31st Bat, Int Div, FWL.

As per your request this is my summary of the information I was able to compile on Jak Black, aka Durty Jack Irish, Aka William Mullen, Aka Heywood JaBlome, Aka Grahm Palson.

Our informants from within the Circinus Federation have a great deal of information surrounding this individual; however as with any of our other paid informants from the region the information has to be cross checked and verified.  In the case of Jak Black alone I found 11 discrepancies where he was reported to be in two places at once, and one where he was apparently raiding while in prison (when we knew him as Heywood Jablowme) before he was exchanged.

This is what I believe to be true.

He was not originally from the CFed, while they produce some fine pilots in a roughshod and undisciplined way he was obviously trained by someone far better than there cadre.  Recorded Vids and Com traffic of him, or who I have a high amount of belief was him, in various raids and actions puts him above the bar for the normal CFed raiders.

While we had him in custody after being caught on CLASSIFIED before being exchanged for CLASSIFIED we were able to gain a copy of his DNA and retinal prints, thou we found no matches for them, he also bore the signs of several facial cosmetic reconstruction surgery’s.  Most important of note was a synthetic arm and leg that were on grade with our own medical services, far beyond that of the local CFeds.  While it is not unheard of for some of them to gain access to such high end treatment, for a unknown pilot to gain access or have the means for such a thing is unheard of.

After his release he has raided under the command of half a dozen raider Captains.  There CFed tradition of changing names when these groups disperse and reform under a new leader makes him very hard to track.  I can verify that he was involved in the sacking of CLASSIFIED and the kidnapping and ransoming of CLASSIFIED and her household.  Other than that it is hit or miss, he may have been involved in 9 different actions against various state and private entities in the meantime but I am unable to substantiate any real proof.

As for his appearance on Solaris, I was able to learn of how he acquired a mech.  Apparently he won it in a card game, thou the man who lost it was dead soon after and Jak's own group of companions were the only others at the table to substantiate his claim to it.  While other Houses and the like have competition amongst themselves before sending competitors to Solaris, The CFed has no formal procedure, they simply go if they have the means.  

In the case of Jak Black however his departure was considered somewhat abrupt, while the things that would cause such a suspicion to leave  abruptly are countless the re-occurring theme I picked up in my interviews with our informants appeared to involve a female captain who apparently wishes to do him grievous harm.

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