Monday, June 20, 2011

Repairs Prep for Battle #1

Lets go over the repair rules a little bit. I created a self generating table in Excel that calculates the repair bill for your current mech, if you use the simple repair method. I even did some conditional Formatting, so that if you do not currently have enough C-Bills, the cell displays in the Light red. Unfortunately, Google docs doesn't like the Conditional format conversion process, so I'll post an image every month.

Click image for larger chart that is easier to read...

The three levels of "Full Repairs" are...Destroyed, Crippled or Damaged.

Remember all Armor repair is free, so if you only have armor damage, you have a $0 repair bill. The three "Full Repair" options takes care of all damage to internals, criticals, destroyed components, and lost limbs.

To fully repair your Destroyed mech it cost 45% of the base price.
To fully repair your Crippled mech it cost 35% of the base price.
To fully repair your Damaged mech it cost 25% of the base price.
You add 10% to the repair cost if you ejected from the mech.

"Destroyed" is just that...your mech was destroyed, be it Ammo explosion, engine destruction, Head destruction, etc...only 45% to put the pieces back together.

"Crippled" means your mech was crippled at the end of the match. You either Won, made it off the board, surrendered or ejected from it, before it was destroyed.

"Damaged" means during the battle you did not reach the "Crippled" state. Chances are the folks that are at this level of repair either Won, or surrendered when they were shutdown due to overheating.

There are two potentially cheaper means to repair your mech. Spot repairs,, and jury rigging repairs. I've covered those in the "Off Board Time" link up top.
The Spot repairs go through each section of the mech doing repairs and will quickly become more expensive than "Full repair" options. The Jury rigging repair is a last ditch "Get your mech running because you are broke".

You don't have to do repairs on your mech. The only rule for entering a mech in a battle is that it has to be able to walk. So if you can only enough repairs to get your mech moving again, you are still in the game.

The other option is a "Fallback" mech, any time you can not afford to get one of your mechs fully repaired, you may take a fallback mech from your faction. Details on the fallback mechs are in the fallback link above.

The real point of this post is that looking at all the light red on the chart above...You may want to do some quick math and figure out how many C-Bills you will need to earn in the worse case scenario.

Look at my guy for an example: I have $475,630 in the bank, and a full repair cost for a Vindicator VND-3L Destroyed with Ejection will cost me $1,938,404. So I will need to earn at least $1,462,774 from this first match, or might be in a fallback mech next battle. Looking at the Earning C-Bills tab...I can make that with a Solo Kill of the same level or even 1 level less. I'll get close to what I need just crippling a same level mech. So if it is getting down to the end of the match and I still can't cover my repairs, desperation might step in looking at that $1,000,000 pay out for a DFA that connects.

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