Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solaris Olympiad 1st Session, July 8th

Figured I should go over the agenda for the 1st night.  It is a little ambitious, but I'm pretty sure we can do it.  Goal is to get two games in.  1st is with all players, 2nd will split the players over the two tables.  Smaller battles will go faster.

We will go over rules and any questions folks may have first thing.

Will review....
  1. How prizes work (Murphy's awards, and Event winners)
  2. Killing other mechwarriors (-10 Fame, but you get their mech)
  3. Starting Positions (Init cards)
  4. What counts as a "Kill" (Solo vs Assisted)
  5. Fire declaration (Init cards)
  6. Movement (Init cards and egg timer)
  7. How "Off Board Time" works

I'm thinking we will start rolling dice before 7pm.  If we do and there is a player running late...we can have their mech run by two other folks until they can arrive.

Battle #1:  The Factory (Free for all)

Our 1st battle will be a Free for all in  the "Factory" arena.  All players will take part.

First we will flip the Initiative cards to determine starting positions.  As your card is flipped, you will pick up one of the 16 gold markers on the map and place you mech there.

Assuming we have 10+ players, The first 4 players eliminated will get their Murphy Awards.

The first 6 players eliminated (5 players if we only have 10 players) will do their "Off board time" and Move on to start Battle #2A.

The remaining 5+ players will finish Battle #1.

The top 3 will get the Contest Awards.  (Choosing from House Marik Random mech assignment tables or their factions)

Those 5 players will do their off board time, and Move on to Battle #2B

Battle #2A: Ishiyama (Free for all) 

Roll 1D6 and place those terrain coins

Again use init cards to determine starting positions, choosing any space along the board edge.  With the limited number of players, You may not select a space adjacent to a space already selected (leave one at least open space, between players)

With the smaller amount of players the first two eliminated will get the Murphy awards.

Only the final two combatants will get Contest Awards.  (Choosing House Kurita random mech assignment tables or their factions tables)

Battle #2B: Hartford Gardens (Free for all)   

Clear off the Factory terrain and set up Hartford Gardens terrain.

Roll 1d6 and place Terrain coins.

Follow rules for setting up starting points.  Use init cards to determine starting positions.  Leaving 1 empty space between mechs.

With the smaller amount of players the first two eliminated will get the Murphy awards.

Only the final two combatants will get Contest Awards. (Choosing ComStar random mech assignment tables, or their factions tables)


This is where we will call it for the night.  Off board time can be handled during the month before our next match.     Still working the details for the August event.  Should have the Steiner arena done by then, so we can do the same format with the Coliseum, the Jungle and Devils Bath as the three arenas in August.

So what you could do to prep is, have a couple of plans in place as to what to do if you have some extra C-Bills.  Would you get a sponsor, or a stable, or skip that and get a bigger mech?

Having a spare Laptop or two in the basement on the wireless would help with the Off Board Time as well, so if you have one your willing to share, please consider bringing it.

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