Monday, September 12, 2011

Olympiad Schedule

September (16th, Friday)
#5A - Ishiyama (Random 4-5 Players)
#5B - Hartford Gardens (Random 4-5 players)
#5C - Factory (Random 4-5 Players)

#6 - Coliseum (13 players) *First time on map

October (14th, Friday)
#7 - Commando Challenge - (House Steiner sponsored) at Coliseum (All players given a Commando CMD-7S for this match, no repairs at end, Coliseum setting, walls can only go up to level 2).  Steiner Mechs (with free repairs for the remainder of the campaign) awarded for top three, Cash for bottom 3.  See Commando Challenge post for details.

#8 - The Jungle (13 players) *First time on map

November (11th, Friday)
#9 - Wasp / Stinger challenge - Devils Bath.  All players can take any Wasp / Stinger 20 ton Mech from their faction list.  Free of charge and free repairs.  Top three get Full repair Davion mechs.  1st out gets 4 Mil, rest get 2 mill.

#10 -Survivor Series @ Hartford Gardens (13 Players)
Divy teams into  Four  roughly equal teams depending upon the number of players, (12 = 4 lances, 13 = 2 Lances, 1 Star) - Team is eliminated when last mech of that team is eliminated.  Team gets awards.  See Survivor Series post for details on match.

December (9th, Friday)
#11 Assassin! - You are given one target and must eliminate only that target.  When you eliminate your target that players target as your new target.  Will assign targets in order so that it is one big "loop" and all the other players will have to have been eliminated before you get yourself as a target.   (Factory Map)

January (13th, Friday)
Final event...
#12 -Royal Rumble! - Coliseum - Random assignment First two contestants enter on turn #1, then either every turn or every other turn a new mech enters (to be determined, every turn might be too soon for mechs to be eliminated, every other might take too long...turn 12 for last mech entering or turn 23).
Entrants randomly roll their entry point before the start of the turn, when the walls move.

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