Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stable: Starlight Stables

Stable: Starlight Stables

Faction: House Davion

Rating: A

Mechs Lists Available: 

Clan Wolf in Exile

Minimum Fame Required: 12

Character Point (CP) Cost: 18

C-Bill Entry Fee: 1,750,000


Special Abilities: Warriors of this stable are trained in evasive and erratic maneuvers.  This training makes them tougher to hit when they they are moving their mech at a good speed.  Stablemaster has connections with The Kell Hounds mercenary unit and through them Clan Wolf in Exile giving the stable access to Clan technology and mechs..    

  • Opponents facing Starlight mechwarriors suffer an additional +1 to hit if the Starlight mech moved at least 6" this turn.
  • Access to Clan weaponry for mech modification.
  • Can buy Clan mechs from the Wolf in Exile lists.

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