Thursday, August 4, 2011

Battle #3 - Odds of winning...(ADJUSTED).

Hold on Folks...This just in!  Turns out last night our odds on favorite had an unfortunate incident in a local watering hole.  Apparently Cyril "Truckasarus" Spencer got in a scuffle got a concussion and dislocated his right shoulder.  He will be out for at least the next two matches.

Here are the adjusted odds taking the assault mech out of the picture.

That changes things up a little bit.  You heard it here first folks!

This is Duncan Fisher signing off...

OOC: With Dave not making it, the new payout should your mechwarrior die would be...
-5 to your current Fame, with a minimum of 0
16 CP
$5,238,960 C-Bills  (Was just over $5,400,000 with Dave)

It also drops the awarded mechs by one class as there is no longer a Class 4 mech on the table...but that is OK.  Got a feeling once the assaults come out...there will be a bunch of them out there.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battle #3 - Odds of winning.

Howdy Folks, Duncan Fisher here again from Boreal Reach Studios. Before I was interrupted, I was about to announce the Odds on this evenings contest. Well here they are...

You can see the newcomer Truckasarus is the heavy Favorite with the only Assault mech in the Arena. The next closest is Flashman with that impressive Clan machine of his.
Down the ranks you see a couple of mechs with hand weapons...I think we are all excited to potentially see a Federated Suns Hatchetman go toe to toe, blow for blow with a sword carrying Capellan Vindicator. Again the Dark Horse is our associate from beyond the rim, Irish and his Hunchback has the firepower to drop any mech if he alpha strikes...Course after that he is pretty much done for the match. We have in my opinion 12 capable mech that might walk away as this evenings winner. Our 13th warrior...Well someone needs to tell the mechjock from the Outworlds Alliance that it is OK to bring a bigger mech....then again, perhaps that is the best they can send.

That's all for now folks.

Next event is Friday the 12th, 6pm. Got all the record sheets printed, Firesticks made, both tables set up. Painting wise...I'm putting the finishing touches on new paint jobs for...Rob's Vindicator (Modded with chest lasers and a sword like the 5L version, Dave's Awesome (Modded with the 4th PPC), Fabby's Goshawk in a damn nice Ghost bear scheme, and Mitch's Hatchetman (Standard Davion Green, Bent the mini to make it more aggressive and no longer leaning the hatchet on its hip.)

Be ready with your potential purchases after this first fight. Look at The quick repairs tab on the current standing sheet above. This will help you figure out, how much you need to clear to get your current mech up and running again...and how much you next mech purchase will cost yah.

Team Survior! November event.

Time for a teamwork event.

The idea is to do a match where all the competitors are split into 4 teams of 3 or perhaps 2 mechs, depending upon the turnout that night).  It is a team event, the team is not eliminated until the last mech is eliminated.

This match will take place in the Hartford Gardens Arena.  Each team will set up in one corner of the map.

No Treasure coins for this match.  But place two of the "Club" terrain pieces in the middle of the map, near the lake edge.

All repairs after this team event are free. This is to promote the team effort, and not have the team bickering about getting their mech destroyed for another teammate.

Mech Announcement
Each player will announce which mech they will be bringing to the Team Survivor event.  Once announced this mech is locked in and may not be changed or modified.  It is also locked in for the following Teammate match (unless it's a fallback mach...see details below).

Team creation.
The top four players in fame will be the "Team Captains".  They will "draft" the other players and their mechs.  The lowest fame of those three will get the first pick, the next highest will get the 2nd, and the top fame will get the 3rd pick. There is no flip flop, so the Captain that got the 1st pick will also get the 5th, and potentially 9th pick (if there are 13 players).  

Pick #1) Team A
Pick #2) Team B
Pick #3) Team C
Pick #4) Team D
Pick #5) Team A
Pick #6) Team B
Pick #7) Team C
Pick #8) Team D

Yes, this may potentially create some unbalanced teams depending upon the number of folks that show up.  Too bad, level the teams in the arena.  That is the penalty for having the top fame.

We will still use cards, but with a twist.  Each team will be assigned a "Suit" and get one card for each mech.  So with 13 players, Team A would get Spades and 4 cards, Team B would get Clubs and 3 Cards, Team C Diamonds and 3 Cards, Team 4, Hearts and get 3 Cards. 
When a card is flipped, the team whose suit it is can choose to move any of their mechs that hasn't already moved this turn.   Yes potentially an entire team might move before anyone else with this method.


4th Place Team: 2,00,000 C-Bills Each
3rd place Team:  4,000,000 C-Bills Each.
2nd Place Team: 6,000,000 C-Bills Each.
1st place Team:  Roll on their "A" Heavy table, or Comstar's "A" Heavy table and +2 Fame Each.
(Lowest fame rolls first, highest last)

No repair cost negates the need for a Murphy rule.

All bounties are valid and may be claimed by any player...even teammates.

There is a -3 Fame penalty for any turn that you shoot or make a physical attack at a teammate.

Off Board time order:
The off board time order following this match will be as follows...

4th place team with the lowest fame going first and highest fame going last.
3rd place team with the lowest fame going first and the highest fame going last
2nd place team with the lowest fame going first and the highest fame going last
1st place team lowest fame to highest.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tech Rules refresher to those new to the game.

There are some new tech and weapons in our next match that I should go over the rules for briefly.

1) NARC Missile Beacon: 
Essentially is a homing beacon that when attached will let other missiles track you better.
Adds a +2 to the # of missiles that hit you chart if you have one attached and they have Narc capable LRM's or SRM loaded.  ECM systems will block the tracking bonus.   Only Josh has these, but he is in a missile boat.

The NARC launcher is also capable of having an explosive tip, in exchange for it's tracking.  Makes a single 4 pt attack.  At 6 shots per ton, not very effective, but why have 12 tracking pods, if you can have 6, and then 6 more damage capable shots.

2) Targeting Computers:
Mechs with a targeting computer will give a -1 to any direct fire weapon.  (AC's, Lasers, PPC's etc...)
Targeting computer also will let the user target a specific mech location if they desire.  The nuber to hit is much tougher, but they could aim for a leg or a side torso if they wanted.  If they hit with the tougher number they must then roll a 6,7,or 8 to actually hit the spot...any other result means they roll again on the regular hit chart they would normally use if they had not aimed.  Pulse lasers and rotary Ac's can;t use the aimed location option, but they do get benefit from the -1 TH.

3) Triple Strength Myomer:
Mechs with TSM get a lot stronger and faster when they are running hot.  At 9 heat or higher on the heat scale the TSM is active.  All Damage from Punch, Kick, and Physical Weapon attacks (Sword, Hatchet, club) is doubled.  So Rob's Vindicator who's Sword would normally do 6 points of damage, will do 12 with the TSM active.  TSM also gives a +2 to the Walk move when active (recalculating the run speed as well).  However to be at 9 heat you are already at -1 move so it really is only a +1 to the walk speed.  The downside is at 9 heat you are at +1 to all weapons fire, and at 10 heat the -2 move kicks in so there goes your speed advantage.  Meaning you have to keep your mech at exactly 9 heat to get all the benefits of TSM.

4) Swords and Hatchets.
Hatchets are -1 to hit, and do the same damage as the mech kicking would do, only they use the full to hit table.  They may declare they are aiming high or low at a +4 TH, and then roll on the punch or kick chart if they hit.
Swords are a -2 to hit, but do less damage than a kick, but more than a punch.  Same aiming rule as the hatchet.