Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battle #3 - Odds of winning.

Howdy Folks, Duncan Fisher here again from Boreal Reach Studios. Before I was interrupted, I was about to announce the Odds on this evenings contest. Well here they are...

You can see the newcomer Truckasarus is the heavy Favorite with the only Assault mech in the Arena. The next closest is Flashman with that impressive Clan machine of his.
Down the ranks you see a couple of mechs with hand weapons...I think we are all excited to potentially see a Federated Suns Hatchetman go toe to toe, blow for blow with a sword carrying Capellan Vindicator. Again the Dark Horse is our associate from beyond the rim, Irish and his Hunchback has the firepower to drop any mech if he alpha strikes...Course after that he is pretty much done for the match. We have in my opinion 12 capable mech that might walk away as this evenings winner. Our 13th warrior...Well someone needs to tell the mechjock from the Outworlds Alliance that it is OK to bring a bigger mech....then again, perhaps that is the best they can send.

That's all for now folks.

Next event is Friday the 12th, 6pm. Got all the record sheets printed, Firesticks made, both tables set up. Painting wise...I'm putting the finishing touches on new paint jobs for...Rob's Vindicator (Modded with chest lasers and a sword like the 5L version, Dave's Awesome (Modded with the 4th PPC), Fabby's Goshawk in a damn nice Ghost bear scheme, and Mitch's Hatchetman (Standard Davion Green, Bent the mini to make it more aggressive and no longer leaning the hatchet on its hip.)

Be ready with your potential purchases after this first fight. Look at The quick repairs tab on the current standing sheet above. This will help you figure out, how much you need to clear to get your current mech up and running again...and how much you next mech purchase will cost yah.

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