Thursday, August 4, 2011

Battle #3 - Odds of winning...(ADJUSTED).

Hold on Folks...This just in!  Turns out last night our odds on favorite had an unfortunate incident in a local watering hole.  Apparently Cyril "Truckasarus" Spencer got in a scuffle got a concussion and dislocated his right shoulder.  He will be out for at least the next two matches.

Here are the adjusted odds taking the assault mech out of the picture.

That changes things up a little bit.  You heard it here first folks!

This is Duncan Fisher signing off...

OOC: With Dave not making it, the new payout should your mechwarrior die would be...
-5 to your current Fame, with a minimum of 0
16 CP
$5,238,960 C-Bills  (Was just over $5,400,000 with Dave)

It also drops the awarded mechs by one class as there is no longer a Class 4 mech on the table...but that is OK.  Got a feeling once the assaults come out...there will be a bunch of them out there.


  1. If there are odds of winning, does that mean there's a bookie we can place a bet with somewhere?

  2. Ummm No. Just throwin' stuff out there for folks (new guys) to have a rough idea of their chances.