Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Solaris Mechs

There are quite a few mechs produced right on Solaris 7.  These mechs use Level 3 tech...meaning really advanced stuff.  Lots of special rules with these mechs.  The only ways you will be allowed to purchase one of these is if you join a stable that allows you to purchase them, or get a sponsor that will let you buy one.  All of these mechs have some sort of new technology that we have never played with before.  Things like, hardened armor, Torso mounted cockpits, X-Pulse lasers, Flails, Mech Taser, etc...  So if we get into one of these it will be a learning curve for all of us.

Remember there is a 25% increase in C-Bill price if we don't have the correct mini.  I don't have any of these Mini's...but if you really have your heart set on one you can pay the extra 25% or buy the mini.

I have yet to compile a C-Bill cost list for these mechs.  You can find their cost listed on their TRO sheet.

You can find most of the Solaris 7 mechs on the following link...
Solaris 7 3055 TRO

Here are the names of the latest versions of the Solaris 7 Mechs...(Listed prices do not include 25% no-mini extra cost, also lower tech version are available on the link above)
Porcupine (20tons)  4,770,390 C-Bills
Koto (25tons)  3,677,604 C-Bills
Copperhead (30Tons)  6,392,490 C-Bills
Flashfire (30Tons)  3,762,233 C-Bills
Mantis (30Tons)  5,826,210 C-Bills
Longshot (35Tons) 6,145,830 C-Bills
Silver Fox (35Tons) 26,080,380 C-Bills
Tsunami (40Tons)  4,616,360 C-Bills
Werewolf (40Tons)  7,290,827 C-Bills
Daedalus (45Tons)  9,336,695 C-Bills
Volkh (45Tons)  26,730,315 C-Bills
Auqagladius (50Tons)  8,409,750 C-Bills
Bombard (50tons)  4,827,575 C-Bills
Ronin (50tons)  8,209,175 C-Bills
Prowler (55Tons) 56,867,382 C-Bills 
Paladin (60Tons)  52,289,600 C-Bills
Spatha (60Tons)  52,602,560 C-Bills
Morpheus (65Tons)  16,201,763 C-Bills
Wildfire (65Tons)  16,283,768 C-Bills
Hachiwara (70Tons)  22,852,137 C-Bills
Onslaught (75Tons)  19,980,188 C-Bills
Cudgel (80Tons)  22,474,410 C-Bills
Sasquatch (85tons)  95,553,826 C-Bills
Juggernaut (90Tons)  9,370,800 C-Bills
Colossus (95Tons) 10,766,925 C-Bills
Great Turtle (100Tons) 13,533,000 C-Bills

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