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Off Board Time - What to do between Battles

Here is a break down of what to do between battles.  You can do these in any order, and can bounce back an forth between them as you choose.

1) Repair your mech / Heal your mechwarrior.

The cost of repair is mostly based off the original C-Bill value of the mech.  Any discounts you may have gained during the purchase of the mech are ignored for the purposes of repairing your mech, use the base price as if you had no discount as a starting point to determine the repair costs.
Any discount you may have to repair your mech will stack.  So if you get a -5% from your faction, -10% from your Stable, and -10% from a sponsor, your total final repair cost discount will be -25%.  You do not have to fully repair your mech to move on to the next battle.
There are three ways to repair your mech...
  • Full Repairs route, pay the % based on the condition your mech was in when the last battle ended and your mech is fully repaired, just like new.  If you take this route, any "Free item / weapon repair" perks you might have from a sponsor / stable are ignored.  Any Final repair discount you may have is subtracted right from the base repair cost.  So if you had a 25% discount to your final repair and you chose to take the Full Repairs "Mech would only cost you 20% of the base cost (45% base - 25% discount = 20% repair cost)
  • "Spot" repairs, where repairing the internal structure of  any given section (Arm, leg, Torso) cost 10% for each section, then you must add the replacement cost of the items in that section.  You price out each item individually and add them to the total.  Repair discounts for spot repairs are calculated in after the repair bill is calculated.  (Yes you get a much better deal with the full repair option when it comes to discounts from sponsors and stables)
  • Jury-rigging repairs with by-pass kits, for when you are so short on cash you can't afford the 1st two options.  You can use the Jury-rigging rules found in the Periphery book, pg 98.  The downside to these repairs is that they may fail during combat.  The Jury-rigging attempt will automatically succeed so no roll is required to make the repairs.  Note not all items can by Jury-rigged (Gyro, non-energy based  weapons)...If needed you get one free by-pass kit for every 5% repair discount you may have from factions, sponsors or stables.  Do not subtract your repair discount from the cost of each by-pass kit.

Full Repairs; Mech is "Destroyed":  45% of base cost
Full Repairs; Mech is "Crippled": 35% of base cost
Full Repairs; Mech not crippled or destroyed: 25% of base cost (+10% if mechwarrior ejected.)

Spot Repairs: 10% of base cost per each location (includes replacing entire limb or torso)
Spot Repairs:  +3% per Actuator Critical
Spot Repairs: +5% per Engine, Gyro or Sensor critical
Spot Repairs: 20,000 C-Bills per Weapon critical (totally destroyed weapons must be replaced)
Spot Repairs: 10,000 C-Bills each for any other critical (Ammo criticals)
Spot Repairs: (Cost of weapon) Weapon replacement.

Jury-Rigging: Actuator Bypass Kit: 10,000 C-Bills
Jury-Rigging: Energy Weapon Bypass kit: 8,000 C-Bills
Jury-Rigging: Engine Bypass Kit: 12,000 C-Bills
Jury-Rigging: Sensor Bypass Kit: 15,000 C-Bills

Mechwarrior healing: 50,000 C-Bills per wound. (Not effected by any repair discount)  
Free Healing of Mechwarrior.

2) Buy or Sell a Mech

In order to sell your mech back to the marketplace it must be fully repaired (No Jury-rigging).

The sale price of a Mech back to the Solaris Marketplace is 75% of the base purchase price.  This is unless mech was purchased at a discount more than 75%, then resale price is equal to purchase price with the discount.  Example - a Clan Wolf mechwarrior gets a 20% discount on Clan Mechs, he is also a member of the Zellbrigen Stable which gives him another 20% discount for a total discount of 40% off his clan mech purchases.  Should the Clan Wolf Mechwarrior buy a mech with the 40% discount, the most he could get back when re-selling the mech to the Solaris marketplace is his purchase price of 60%. (This is the "no selling back to the market for a profit" rule.)

Players can sell fully repaired mechs to other players for at least 75% of the base purchase price. (This is the no sharing your discount with your friends rule)

Clan Players will not sell Clan mechs to another player. (The Clan Diamond Shark player may ignore this rule.)

Players can sell their damaged/crippled/destroyed mech to other players for any amount.

A player can own as many mechs as they wish.

All modifications are ignored when determining the resale value of a mech to the Solaris Marketplace.  Use the current Chassis variant / configuration to determine the resale value. 

3) Make Modifications to your mech.
In order to do any modifications to your mech it must be fully repaired first (no Jury-rigging).
The modifications you are able to do is determined by the ranking of the stable you are a member of.  Meaning no Stable, no modifications.  All modification must create legal mechs, and will be verified as such using the Heavy Metal Pro, or Skunkwerks programs.

If you own an Omni-mech you may swap the configuration for the difference in the cost of the weapons and equipment of the Configurations.

Special Technology:  Some technology  has yet to spread through the inner sphere and is limited by factions.  These limited technologies are...
  • Clan Technology (Clans)
  • Light Gauss Rigle (Marik)
  • Improved Narc (Comstar / Word of Blake)
  • Medium Range Missiles (Kurita)
  • Rotary Autocannons (Davion)
  • Targeting Computer (Clan, Davion)
  • Light Engine (Steiner)
  • Heavy Gauss Rifle (Steiner)
  • Stealth Armor (Liao)
  • Rocket Launcher (Periphery)
  • Solaris Technology (Stable / Sponsor)
You may not modify your mech using a special technology unless you are a member of that faction or have a Sponsor or Stable that gives you access to that Technology.  Example: The Taurian Concordat player wishes to modify his mech with Stealth armor. His faction does not have access to that technology, however he is allowed to get the Shengli Arms sponsor which grants Stealth armor tech.

Variant Swap:  If you own a chassis and want to "upgrade" or "downgrade" to another known variant of the that chassis, you can do so for the difference in C-Bill cost between the chassis.  Example: You have an Atlas AS7-K and want to swap it down to an AS7-D, you could so so and add the difference to your C-Bill totals.

Each of higher ranked Stables can do what lower ranked stables can do in addition to their own abilities....Meaning an Rank A stable has the abilities that B, C, D and F stables do.

Rank F: Omni-mech Configuration Swaps (+/- difference)

Rank D: Critical location swap, weapon facing swap. Cost 50,000 C-Bills per critical moved/changed  (Moving ammo location, turning rear mounted weapons to front facing or arms)

Rank C: Variant Swap (+/- difference), Inner Sphere weapons swap (Can swap out weapons systems for cost of  weapons system added, only Level 1 or 2 weapon systems may be added this way)  Add or remove Jumpjets for the cost of the jump jets if added.  Add Armor for the cost of the armor if added.  Note: you do not get to sell back the removed weapon / jumpjet / armor removed...those are taken to cover the labor costs of the modification. Clan Weapon Swap (Clan weapon for Clan weapon only)

Rank B: Inner Sphere Engine, Armor, Heat Sink Swap (Cost of the new items being added to mech. Wanting to change an XL engine to an standard would cost the price of the Standard engine)

Rank A: IS/Clan weaponry swap (May swap IS weapons with clan weapons for the cost of the clan weapons). Solaris Weapons swap (May add Level 3 Solaris weaponry/ items at cost of the item). 

4) Purchase abilities / Recruit sponsor / Join a stable / Take out a Loan
  • Purchase Abilities - Spend your CP and C-bills to improve your mechwarrior.
  • Corporate Sponsorship - if your Fame is high enough, Spend CP and C-bills to gain the advantage offered by a sponsor.
  • Join a Stable - if your Fame is high enough, Spend CP
  • Take out a Loan - See the Loan rules for details on how Loans work

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