Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arena Rules: The Coliseum (Steiner)

Steiner Coliseum
The arena in Silesia was designed with a Roman-esque facade. The battlefield of the arena is largely featureless, utilizing walls that can be raised or lowered to provide variety.  Nearly destroyed in riots when in 3062 a championship match spilled into the streets, the Coliseum has been rebuilt, better than ever.

Specific Rules for The Coliseum are as follows.

Starting Positions:
The 16 Starting positions are already marked along the coliseum's exterior walls.  The arena itself is roughly a 4' Octagon so the starting positions are closer together than all the other arenas on Solaris. (7" apart)

There are 6 sections of walls in The Coliseum that raise and lower during the match.  These walls are now indestructible and capable of lifting 100 ton mechs along their length.  The walls may be flush with the coliseum floor, or raised to levels 1, 2 or 3.  To determine the starting positions of the walls, after players have selected their starting positions, but before the game actually starts, roll a d6 for each of the wall sections and consult the chart below.  (Walls all start at lvl 0 before these rolls at the start of the game.)

  1. Wall drops 1 level (if possible)
  2. Wall moves to level 0
  3. Wall moves to level 1
  4. Wall moves to level 2
  5. Wall moves to level 3
  6. Wall raises 1 level (if possible)
In the End Phase (After heat) of every turn, Roll on the above chart and move the walls to their new level.

Straddling the wall  that is about to change levels:
Any standing mech whose base is partially on  a wall when it raises from the arena floor, must make a piloting check or be knocked down by the raising wall, taking regular falling damage +1 from the extra force of being pushed down. (Prone mechs automatically fail this check and take the falling damage +1). 

Successful checks lets the mechwarrior choose if they want to go up with the wall or Step off the wall and remain on the arena floor.  The Mech mini must be moved to be completely on the wall, or out of the way so it is on the arena floor by the minimum amount (up to 1").  You may not move another mech to do this extra move, and if you you are blocked by a mech, you must choose the other option (stay on the wall or get off).

On the Wall when moving:
Any mech standing on a wall that is changing levels must make a piloting check to remain standing when the wall stops moving.  (Yes this is a second check for those that started straddling the wall line.)

Falling when on top of a raised wall:
Any mech that falls when on a wall level 1 or higher must make a piloting check or they may fall off the wall.  If the roll is failed, There is a chance the mech will fall of the wall.  Determine which directions the mech can fall or stay on the wall, then roll on the Direction of fall table. 
Mechs will only take falling damage once.  Regular falling damage if they stay on the wall, or multiple level falling damage if they fall off the wall. 
Determine the level of the fall from the position of the wall after the wall changes levels, not where it started the turn at.

Example: Say a mech was running along the wall and then fails the check when the wall stops moving, and fails the 2nd check where he might fall off the wall.  Where it was running along the wall, a front or rear direction of fall (1 or 4) result will keep the mech on the wall, any of the other "side" fall results (2,3,5,6) means the mech has slid off the wall during the fall.


  1. The construction of this arena is still a work in progress. I have the Pylons. Still working on the walls and the exterior walls. Will keep you posted.

  2. Started working on the Pylons. Tweaked the pylon rules so that multiple mechs could be up on a single pylon. This arena still has a bunch of work before it is finished.

  3. Made the Outer wall yesterday. Used 2by4's and made a pure Octagon with all 8 sides the same length. This will be easier to get the 16 starting positions.

    Tacked the wall down to a sheet of thin plywood, It can fit under one of the tables for easy storage.

    Arena walls that raise and lower will be the challenge.