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Stable Rules

Organizations that sponsor teams of mechwarriors, are known as Stables and Co-Operatives. Stable Masters whom are responsible for these organizations, strong controlling interests in the games themselves and dictate control over them. Co-Operatives, are which don't have Stable Masters, are organized as volunteer organization of team-up fighters working together.  Stables will train their mechwarriors and make adjustments and finely tune their mechs.  This training along with the modifications will give the mechwarriors special abilities so long as they are members of the stable.

To Join a Stable you must have a Fame of at least the number listed, you also must pay CP and C-Bills.  Most Stables are liked to a major house Faction.  To join one of those factions you must be a member of the factions allowed

Stables have ratings (A-F).  These ratings for the purposes of the campaign will indicate what level of modifications you can make to your mech.  Each of higher ranked Stables can do what lower ranked stables can do in addition to their own abilities....Meaning an Rank A stable has the abilities that B, C, D and F stables do. C-Bill cost of the modification will be listed in [brackets]

Rank F: Omni-mech Configuration Swaps [+/- equipment / weapons cost difference]

Rank D: Critical location swap, weapon facing swap. Moving ammo location, relocating rear mounted weapons to front facing or arms.  [Cost 50,000 C-Bills per critical moved/changed]

Rank C: Variant Swap [+/- equipment / weapons cost difference], Inner Sphere weapon / equipment swap. Can swap out only Level 1 or 2 weapon systems and equipment [Cost of new weapon / equipment].
Add or remove Jumpjets. [Cost of the jump jets if added]  Add/remove current Armor type. [Cost of the armor if added]
Note: you do not get to sell back the removed weapon / jumpjet / armor removed...those are taken to cover the labor costs of the modification.

Rank B: Major overhauls: Inner Sphere Engine, Armor (Standard, FF, Stealth if available), Heat Sink (Single for double).  [Cost of the new items being added to mech] Wanting to change an XL engine to an Standard would cost the price of the Standard engine.

Rank A: IS/Clan weaponry swap [May swap IS weapons with clan weapons for the cost of the clan weapons]. Solaris Weapons swap [May add Level 3 Solaris weaponry/ items at cost of the item]. 

Stables are also good at teaching their warrios how to take the initiative in battle.  If a Stable has "Initiative Bonus" listed in the game effects column follow the rules below.

Initiative Bonus. If more than 3 active mechs are on the battlefield, this mechwarrior cannot be 1st to move.  If their card is flipped first, place to side and flip another initiative card.  If that card also has the "Initiative Bonus" ability also place it to the side, flip until a card without Initiative Bonus is flipped.  Once one mech has moved all Initiative bonus mechs whose cards have been flipped move in the order they were originally flipped.  If there are 3 or fewer mechs remaining the Initiative Bonus ability has no effect. If all remaining mechwarriors have the Initiative Bonus ability, the ability has no effect.

The Stables will also have their own Blog entry listed in the Stable menu to the right.
This is the place where you can see all the Stables together for comparison purposes, but all the fine details are located in the links to the right.

Stable Faction Rating Mechs Min. Fame CP C-Bill Cost Game effects
Zellbrigen Clan A Any Clan 15 22 1,500,000 A +2 Fame for each solo kill, May only use Clan Mechs, but purchase and repair these at 20% below cost, May not use Physical Attacks, Can buy from any clan list.  May not Surrender.
Starlight Stables Davion A Davion / Clan WiE 12 18 1,750,000 Opponents facing Starlight mechwarriors suffer an additional +1 to hit penalty if Starlight mech moved at least 6" this turn. Can buy Clan mechs (Clan Wolf in Exile).
White Hand Stables Davion A Davion / ComStar 15 25 3,500,000 a -1 TH for long range attacks (+3 total), +1 TH penalty for short range and Physical attacks, Must re-roll head hits taking the 2nd result.  Can buy from Comstar tables.
Blackstar Stables Davion B Davion / Solaris 10 20 2,000,000 Only Heavy or Assault mech may be used.  -15% to final Repair costs, Can Buy Solaris mechs
Gemini Davion B Davion 15 20 2,500,000 A -5 heat per round, No mechs slower than 5/8, If 4 or more players on the table and Gemini player is last to move gain a -1 to hit modifer with ranged weapons for that turn only.
DeLon Stables Kurita A Kurita / Clan Nova Cat 13 22 3,500,000 Clan Mechs (Nova Cat) may be purchased at 25% below cost, May not use targeting computers (Clan or IS), -20% weapon costs.
Silver Dragons Stables Kurita A Kurita / Solaris 15 25 4,000,000 Can Buy Solaris mechs, Additional +1 to hit modifier to attacks against Silver Dragon mechs in cover, -1 TH for short range weapon attacks
Toranaga Kurita B Kurita 8 12 1,250,000 a +1 Fame after successful melee weapon attack, -1 Fame after sustaining 40 pts damage in a Phase, -50% cost to physical attack weapons. -10% purchase cost to mech with hand weapon.
Tandrek Stables Liao A Liao / Davion 7 10 1,000,000 a -1 TH for all Ranged or Physical attack at less than 10" range for the first 8 turns of the game.  Can buy from Davion tables.
Cenotaph Liao A Liao / Clan Diamond Shark 14 20 3,500,000 Free Edge when Joining, +1 Fame to all solo kills, -10% to final repair cost. Must re-roll head hits (2nd roll stands). Can buy Clan mechs (Diamond Sharks).
Zelazni Stables  Liao A Liao / Solaris 15 30 4,000,000 a +1 on all PSR, -1 TH w/ physical attacks. Can buy Solaris Mechs
Wraith Liao / Kurita C Liao / Kurita 4 12 1,350,000 May re-roll any failed piloting check in rubble or water hex. May buy from Liao or Kurita mech lists.  Initiative Bonus.
Galahad Marik A Marik / Clan Diamond Shark 14 20 3,000,000 May not attack opponent in the rear (Penalty: 2 Fame, 250,000 C-bills), -1 TH with ranged weapons that do <9 pts maximum damage. Can aim for limbs rather than torso or head at +2 to hit penalty.  Allows re-roll of head or torso location hits, keeping results of 2nd roll.  Can buy Clan mechs (Diamond Shark)
Bromley Stables Marik B Marik / Solaris 11 15 2,000,000 Will not Surrender, Can buy Solaris Mechs, 25% discount on weapons
Fitzhugh Stables Marik C Marik / WOB 5 8 750,000 Has -10% to final Repair Costs, +1 to PSR, -1 Fame for each MW wound.  Increase the to-hit penalty by 1 point for all attacks made against them when using partial cover, woods or smoke.  Can buy from Word of Blake mech list.
Black Lion Cooperative Marik D Marik 3 10 1,250,000 Initiative Bonus. 
Lynch Stables Steiner A Steiner / Solaris 12 15 2,500,000 a -1 TH so long as the Lynch unit walked, ran or jumped this turn. Can buy Solaris Mechs
Overlord Stables Steiner A Steiner / Clan 14 20 3,500,000 a -1 TH for Short range attacks, +1 extra (+5 total) for long-range attacks, +10% to final Repair Costs, Can buy Clan mechs (Jade Falcon)
Lion City Stables Steiner B Steiner 10 15 1,500,000 Reduce Long range Penalty to +3 modifier, Add +1 to hit penalty for Short range or Physical attacks.
Skye Tigers Steiner B Steiner 10 12 1,250,000 a -2 TH if target is a Davion stable member, +1 on all PSR's, +1 TH on all Physical Attacks. -25% on any upgrade cost
Banshee Stables Steiner C Steiner 3 9 1,350,000 a -1 to Hit Hunstman Stable mechs at the cost of 1 heat per weapon or physical attack, Initiative Bonus. 
Blake's Castaways Unaffiliated A Unaffiliated 10 15 2,000,000 Medium / Heavy mech purchases at 25% below cost.  -1 TH other Stable-sponsored Mechs.
Huntsmen Unaffiliated A Unaffiliated / Solaris 4 11 1,250,000 Will not surrender, Can buy Solaris mechs, -1 TH Banshee Stable mechs at the cost of 1 heat per weapon or Physical attack
Renegades Cooperative Unaffiliated C Unaffiliated / Periphery 2 5 250,000 Can buy from Periphery other mech table
Hombre Unaffiliated D Unaffiliated 3 10 1,000,000 a -2 TH physical attacks, +20% to final repair costs, -1 TH Ranged attacks that are 6" or less.
The Dispossessed Unaffiliated D Unaffiliated / Merc Other 4 10 850,000 May Aim "low" with ranged weapons at a +2 to hit then use Kick table for damage. May buy mechs from Merc Other list
Hangmen Unaffiliated F Unaffiliated 3 5 500,000 Initiative Bonus. 

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