Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wasp/Stinger/Hornet Challenge - Battle #9

Not to be outdone by his sister, Victor Steiner-Davion will be sponsoring a Challenge match.

Battle #9 will be known as the Wasp/Stinger/Hornet Challenge.  All mechwarriors must select a Jump capable Wasp, Stinger or Hornet Inner sphere chassis from their faction lists.  These mechs will be free, mechwarriors will not have to pay for their repairs.  The setting will be the Boreal Reach Arena using the "Devils Bath" settings.  No modifications may be made to the mechs.   This challenge will again test the mechwarriors skill, but Victor wanted to challenge the mechwarriors ability to control heat in a jumping mech (which is why the Locust was left off the list for this apparent 20 ton challenge).

EDIT: We will randomly split the field into two groups, and play this match on two tables.  Both using the "Devils Bath" map just with fewer pillars.

I'm also adding a mech that might be available to be taken by a Clanner, Comstar or Word of Blake player.  When Kerensky took the Star League army on his exodus, with him went some of the "Royal" star league units.  These Royal units had some pretty sweet modified versions of the standard Star league mechs (that are pretty good as they are.)  One of these "Royal" mechs was a Stinger, and while extremely rare, it does qualify as legal for this match format. 
  • If a clanner wants to take one, they must roll a 9+ on 2d6.  
  • For the Comstar or Word of Blake player will need an 11+ on 2d6 (Very few Royal mechs were left behind, and all of those were posessed by Comstar.)  

Stinger STG-3Gb Stats.

To risk their lives in a mech not really of their choosing, Victor will make the risk worth while.

The first Two contestants eliminated from each map will be given 4 Million C-bills each.

All other contestants not finishing in the top 2 places will be awarded 2 Million C-Bills each.

The Top two on each map finishers will be given a Mech, which will have all repair costs covered for the remainder of the Olympiad. 

The mechs will be placed in a pool.  The 1st place finisher with the most Kills in their match will get 1st pick, then the other 1st place finishers, the 2nd place finisher with the most kills in their match will get the 3rd pick, and the other 2nd place finisher will get the remaining mech.

The Four prize mechs are...

Thunderbolt TDR-9NAIS

JagerMech JM7-F

Falconer FLR-8R

Sagittare SGT-8R

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Anthony "Buck" Rogers

Name: Anthony Rogers


Player: Lee

Faction: ComStar

Rank: Demi-Precentor

1st Army "The Bear Maulers"
12th Division "Pure Waveforms"

Current Battlemech:
Awesome AWS-9Q
King Crab KGC-000

Arena Kills:3

Best finish: 
2nd of 12 (Battle #8 - Jungle)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Background: As with most ComGuard mechwarriors, little is known about Anthony "Buck" Rogers.

Veteran of both Tukayyid in 3052 and Operation Bulldog in 3059, Buck is an expert at fighting against Clan mechwarriors.

Concerned that a Clanner might win the initial Martial Olympiad, ComStar sent one of their best.

How that battlefield experience will convert to the Arena?  We will find out.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"

Black Knight BL-12-KNT "Reaver"

Mech Class: Heavy

Weight: 75 Tons

Tech Base: Mixed (IS Chassis, Clan weapons)

Primary Manufacturer:
Blake's Castaways (Solaris 7)

Olympiad Mechwarriors:
Jak "Irish" Black

The Black Knight was introduced in 2578 as a front-line command BattleMech for the Star League Defense Force at the company and battalion level. Its advanced communications gear allowed the Black Knight to effortlessly coordinate an entire company of 'Mechs simultaneously, and could easily link into the command frequencies of its parent regiment and orbital support satellites. The loss of Kong's orbital factory in 2802 forced the company to produce less advanced line of Black Knight 'Mechs, though the recovery of lostech has allowed for more advanced variants to be produced.

The Black Knight is a BattleMech that appears to be a jack-of-all-trades. The all energy weapon configuration allows it to operate for long periods without re-supply. The 13 tons of good armor protection on an Endo Steel frame allows the 'Mech to stand up to a great deal of punishment, while its Beagle Active Probe allows it to work well as a command 'Mech and a heavy scout. The main drawback of the design is its use of single heat sinks. With twenty heat sinks it is able to dissipate a great deal of the heat produced by its weapons. However, if the Black Knight finds itself in a protracted combat situation, a less experienced MechWarrior can have trouble with heat management. 

The Black Knight "Reaver" is a Modified version of the Davion made BL-12-KNT.  The two Large lasers are replaced with Clan ER Large Lasers, purchased from Clan Diamond Shark.  The four Medium lasers are replaced with Clan ER versions as well.

Removed is the ER PPC and in it's place is a Hatchet.  With the removal of the PPC the required size and computing power of the Targeting computer was cut in half.  The saved tonnage was used for additional armor and one more Double heat sink.

The most expensive change was adding the MASC system that will let the Black Knight spped up when needed.

Saffron's Analysis:  
Good at all ranges, this mech is one to take note of.  Clan weapons, and a Hatchet along with Max Armor.    

The only down side that I can see is the weight class.  Facing off against Assault mechs is the one downfall of many modified heavy mechs.  The internal structure is just not as durable as the big boys. 

Still, This is one of my favorite designs in the Olympiad and should do very well.

Rating: 9.0 of 10

Tech Readout: