Friday, July 8, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: John "Crash'n'burn" Palmer

Name: John Palmer

Callsign: Crash'n'Burn

Player: Gregg

Faction: Outworlds Alliance

Rank: Director

Unit: Alliance Grenadiers, 1st Batallion

Current Battlemech:
Grasshopper GHR-5N

Arena Kills: 2

Best finish:
2nd (of 6) -Hartford Gardens - Battle #4A

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Director John Palmer leads a charmed life. Fresh out of academy he was assigned to the Grenadiers aerospace squadron and stationed at the Praxton moonbase. During a routine sector sweep he visually spotted a bandit Union class dropship slipping past the moons sensor arrays during a solar flare. In the ensuing dogfight he abandoned his craft after taking laser fire to his cockpit. The Thrush careened out of control and impacted into the dropship crippling one of its engines and causing it to make a forced landing where it and its valuable raider mech cargo were mopped up by ground forces. The Alliance brass assumed the move was deliberate and Palmer was promoted.
His mech pilot scores were commendable so he was given one of the two WASP LAMS salvaged from the bandits. Given command of a garrison lance outside Praxton's third largest city he again saw combat when a separatist faction tried to seize control of the modest spaceport. His small force was quickly overrun and during his attempt to switch from mech to aerospace mode to fly for reinforcements he was knocked unconscious from PPC fire and his mech fell atop the secondary control tower destroying it. When he awoke moments later he discovered that the separatist leader and his team had captured the tower and were using it to jam the main towers comm. All the terrorists inside were killed when the building collapsed. Leaderless the separatist mechs fled and Palmer found himself promoted to Section Leader for his quick thinking and bravery.
Given the second WASP LAM he was given the task of finding the rebels on Praxton and destroying their power base. He proved himself able enough as a commander in this task and after two short years he had driven them to a small island where their last vestige of strength lay. Amidst the assault Palmer's WSP 105 jumped atop what he had assumed was a ferrocrete bivouac. It turned out to be a wood and tin munitions shed. The resulting explosion destroyed his mech and took all the fight out of the surviving rebels. 
Finally back from his reconstructive surgery and sporting a brand new cyber-mylar arm he accepted his commendation and promotion to Director. Chairman Rice, CO of the Grenadiers spoke at length with many of the officers that had served with him and after careful consideration has decided that rather than command an entire company of very valuable mechs and their support he would better serve the Alliance as a sterling example of bravery, skill and resilience. With his shiny new medals he is happy to represent the Outworlds Alliance at the Solaris Olympiad. Let his foes beware!

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