Friday, July 8, 2011

The table edge, and other odd rules...

Just a couple of final rule clarifications before our first night.

1) The table edge.
With the Grand Melee style we will be playing, it will be tempting to put your back to the table edge to keep it safe.  This is good however, should a mech Push you off the table from either a Push, Charge or DFA you will be eliminated from the match.  The mech doing the pushing will be credited with a solo kill.  (might be the easiest way for a light mech to get a solo kill on an Assault)  Only part of your base needs to be pushed off, not the whole thing, so think about that before you back yourself against the table edge.

Likewise, if you are leaving the board, trying to get your crippled mech off the board before becoming a kill for someone else, you only have to get part of your base off the board...not the whole thing.

2) Off Board Time - reseeding from split matches

Our second match is going to be split with half of us playing on each table.  Battle 2A is the "Losers" bracket for the first night (first 5 guys eliminated) and will be held in the Ishiyama tunnels.  Battle 2B (Winners Bracket) is the last 5 mechs from the first battle, and they will fight in the Hartford Gardens arena. The order after those two matches are done for the purposes of Off board time will be as follows.
  1. Battle 2A - 1st eliminated (3Mill C-Bill Murphy award)
  2. Battle 2B - 1st eliminated (3Mill C-Bill Murphy award)
  3. Battle 2A - 2nd eliminated (1.5Mill C-Bill Murphy award)
  4. Battle 2B - 2nd eliminated (1.5Mill C-Bill Murphy award)
  5. Battle 2A- 3rd place
  6. Battle 2B - 3rd place
  7. Battle 2A - 2nd place (F chart mech - one weight class lower than heaviest in match, Kurita or your faction charts)
  8. Battle 2B - 2nd place (F chart mech - one weight class lower than heaviest in match, Kurita or your faction charts)
  9. Battle 2A - 1st place (F chart mech - same weight class  as heaviest in match, kurita or your faction charts)
  10. Battle 2B - 1st place (F chart mech - same weight class  as heaviest in match, kurita or your faction charts)  
This will be the order in which we buy mechs for our Off board time before next months match.

3) Egg Timer - aka...keep things moving.
I have an egg timer...I think it is either 1 minute or 1 min 30 seconds.  We will not use this off the bat, but if someone is going slow any other player can call for the timer.  After an iniative card is flipped for movement or for fire declaration, someone can call for the timer.  Once called for the sand timer is started, and the player has that much time to finish either moving or placing their sticks for fire declaration.

For Movement: If the timer runs out before the player has finished their move their mech will be placed back where it started the turn and will not move this turn.  Place a green 6 behind their mech.  The timer will be placed on it's side (paused) when terrain needs to be moved (Building roofs in the Factory), and restarted once the terrain is out of the way.

For Firing:  If the timer runs out, the sticks that are on the table pointed at a valid target when the time runs out are what the mech fires.  The timer may be paused (on it's side) if the player asks for a line of sight question.  A 3rd player will determine line of sight, and then restart the timer.

If two games are going at once, the egg timer will go to who ever it was called for 1st, giving the 2nd player a little extra time.

I really hope we won't need to use this, But I know I can be slow playing at times too.  This is a tool to help keep us going. 

4) Initiative Cards vs. Dice.
When a match gets down to two players they can resume using dice to determine init order, rather than the cards.  If they are using dice then once the order has been determined, an egg timer may be called for if needed, with the 2nd players time starting after the 1st has completed their move.  Fire declaration can be done at the same time and use the same egg timer when there are only two players.   

5) Fire Declaration -
We will use re-shuffled init cards for fire declaration.  This is to serve two purposes.  One, to be able to put a timer on someone if needed.  Two, there is a strategy to choose wither to fire at the mech that has 3 others shooting at it, or the light mech that only you have line of sight to.

6) What is a "Clan" mech?
For the purposes of this campaign any mech that has any clan tech what so ever on it, will be considered a "Clan" mech and one weight class heavier then it actually is.  So if you modify your Vindicator and swap out the Inner sphere PPC for a Clan will be classified as a "Clan" mech and one rank higher for kill purposes.

7) Something else I was forgetting...
I now there was something else I wanted to mention...but darned if I can remember it.

See yah tonight....

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