Monday, February 20, 2012

Royal Rumble Lineup....

Here is the Royal Rumble Lineup...In order of entry and mech.  Mostly guesses on my part...Not official until the (*** Current Player ***) has past the player.

1) Jim - Marauder IIC - Clan Jade Falcon

2) Dave - Highlander HGN-732 - House Steiner

3) Gregg - Crusader CRD-5K - Free Rassalhauge Republic

4) Kyle - Awesome AWS-9Q - Taurian Concordat

5) Dereck - Orion ON-2M - House Marik 

6) Lee - King Crab KGC-000X - ComStar

7) Rob - Pillager PLG-4Z - House Liao

8) Fab - Daishi C - Clan Ghost Bear

9) Jeff - Daishi H - Clan Wolf in Exile

Larry - (Hawaii)

Mitch - (Withdrew)  (*** Current Player ***)
Jay - (Withdrew)
Scott - (Withdrew)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Solaris Olympaid Grand Finale...Aka the Royal Rumble

Rumble Contest Rules!

So here is how the Grand Finale will work.  The winner of this event will be crowned Solaris Olympiad Champion.

We will be using the Coliseum map.
All the standard coliseum rules apply...raising walls and such.

The First two contestants will enter the Coliseum on turn #1.

Every odd turn after that another mech will enter the battle from a random map doorway.

Entry points for each contestant will be Random.. The Coliseum has 16 entry points.  When the turn starts, but before initiative cards are flipped, The player that in entering the battle will Roll a D20 and take the corresponding entry door (re-roll 17-20).  The first two entrants can't use the same door, so if the 2nd player rolls the same entry gate roll again.

Should someone be standing in the doorway chosen, place the mech, on the map as close to the doorway as possible, facing in any direction.  This placement happens before the movement phase.

Now for the key bit of information.  Entry order will be determined by FAME.  Lowest Fame to Highest.  So the lowest two fame will take the field first., then every other turn the next lowest player will bring their mech onto the field.  So it might be 20 turns before the highest fame mech actually enters the arena.  Again, the last mech standing will be declared champion.This change will give much more meaning to the final event, giving everyone a chance...(and reason) to play.

However if we have any new players or reset characters for the final match...they will bump to the bottom of the list and be the first players on the field.

In addition to the benefit of entering the arena later with the higher fame.  Off board time and Mech declaration will be from low Fame to high.  So the higher your fame, the more about the opposing mechs you will know before making your selection.

Be on the lookout of the off board time and mech selection email.

We will use the Fame standings after the assassin match to determine Clan selections for the next campaign.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tonight's event (1/13) Cancelled due to bad weather.

Hey Guys...

  Gonna cancel tonight's event due to the road conditions and weather that is coming in.

Will try to reschedule before another whole month goes by, will be in touch.


Assassin Event...tonight!

Yeah I know it has been a while since I posted.  I have been focused on setting up the next campaign...anyway to focus on tonight's event.

1) We will have a smaller number guessing 8-9 players.  (Fab, Lee, Dereck, Gregg, Jeff, Larry, Kyle, Rob, Jim)

2) Who is Jim?  He's my brother, coming down from Bangor to roll some dice.  He has yet to name his Mechwarrior, But  here is the low down.  

Faction: Jade Falcon.  Skills: Improved Piloting, Weapon Specialist: Clan ERPPC.  Mech: Marauder IIC

3) Won't he screw up the assassin pool?  Nope, he is going to take an envelope of one of the players that is not there (Dave, Scott, Mitch, Jay), and take their place in the assassin loop.

4) MECH CHECK.  At any time anyone can call for a mech which point you will state your name and point to where your mech is located on the map.  This will help people find their target mech, without giving away who you are secretly trying to hunt.  So Instead of saying..."Hey Rob, which mech is your's?"  you can just call for a mech check.

See yah tonight.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December was a tough month.

Due to Very low expected turnout, we bumped the event to January.

The 5 Players that made it tried out the Quick Strike rules for the next campaign.

Good stuff.  Speeds up the game quite a bit.

Here is the time line now...

January: Assassin match

February: Royal Rumble grand finale.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Off Board Time: Post Battle #10

Off Board tracking page for all transactions after Battle #10.

This will be the one stop place to see what everyone has done with their off board time.

The off board time order was determined by.....
The order of elimination of the Team you were on, followed by the order you were eliminated.  The Winning team order was determined by lowest fame going first.

Remember you all have free repairs after the Survivor challenge, so you don;t need to worry about that.

Also you may want to review the "Assassin" rules for the next event.  It is a very unique and different game we will be playing.

Once everyone has done their off board time, we will do mech selection like always...high fame to low.

*** Current Player *** by your player name indicates it is that players turn to purchase a mech.  You can purchase a mech after everyone has had a chance, but it is first come first serve at that point.
Will move this marker down as players email me their choices.  Watch this page as it will update all month long.

1) Peacekeeper (Rob) 
Bought Speed Demon skill
Bought Acrobat Skill
Modified TiTs'ang to TSG-9EE
Dumped Mace for Lasers heatsinks and Hand.

2) Buck (Lee) 
Buys Cicada CDA-3F
Replaces ERPPC with PPC
Buys Speed Demon Skill
Lowers Piloting.

3) Firebush (Kyle) 
Sells Berserker  (for $24+ Mill)
Lowers Gunnery to a 1.

4) Chef (Dave)   

Lowers Gunnery to a 2
Buys Speed Demon

 5) Flashy (Fab)  

Lowers Piloting to a 3
Buys Cool Hands
Looks at Solaris Used Mech classified ads.

 6) Bad Wolf (Jeff) 

Lowers my Gunnery to a 1

Buys Maneuvering Ace skill
Buys 1 fame

 7) Irish (Jay) 
SAP (Solaris Associated Press)
For Immediate release
Olympiad Mechwarrior Missing...
Jak "Irish" Black can not be located.  No one is quite sure where the Olympiad Mechwarrior who held 4th place in the standings has vanished to.  He was last seen at "The Royale" casino in Montenagro province.  His recent ties to the Blake's Castaways stable have folks talking, but a representative from Blakes Castaways assure us they are just as puzzled by his disappearance.  Apparently, his all of his Olympiad funds are missing as well. 

In a related story, Maggie and Molly Connelly, the top act at "The Royale" and some would say on all of Solaris VII, have disappeared as well.  The twin redhead singers were last seen mingling with the crowd after their performance.  Security cameras show them leaving the casino with an unknown male.  Heavy rain that evening prevented the cameras from getting a clear look at this person.  It is unknown at this time if the disappearances are related. 

 8) G-Force (Gregg)  


9) Ace (Dereck) 

Joins Galahad Stable.
Buys 2nd Edge point
Learns Cluster Expert missles

10) BlackJack (Scott)  
Lower Gunnery By 1
Lower Piloting By 1
Buy second Edge
learn cool hand
take toughness
Buys Warhammer IIC...
Mods it to a Rifleman Davion IIC wannabe.
2 Rac5's, 2 CLPL, Jump Jets.

11) ??? (Larry)   

12) Mayday (Mitch)

 Withdrew.  Sam "Mayday" Malone has withdrawn from the Olympiad.  He left on a Jumpship bound for the Federated Suns.  His daughter's wedding was bumped up by 3 months, as her unit was called up to active status with the ongoing Steiner/Davion conflict.  His immediate departure assures he will make it to New Avalon in time for the ceremony.

*** Current Player ***

Saturday, November 12, 2011

December Event: Assassin!

Time to start winding down this campaign.  We will wrap it up with 2 final events that are a little different.

The December event is called Assassin.

We are playing in the Factory Arena.
Starting positions will be randomly assigned.

There is one special rule.
You may only attack your assassination target.

Anyone attacking someone other than their assassination target will automatically be eliminated from not only the match, but the entire Olympiad.

Here is how it will work.

I have 12 sealed envelopes each with your name on them.  Inside this envelope is a yellow card with your targets name on it.  When you eliminate your target, your next target is the mech your target was hunting.

I figure this game will take a while so it will be the only event of the night.

Here is how I stuffed the envelopes, to calm those doubters out there.  I placed everyone's own yellow card in their own envelope.  I then shuffled the envelopes, so that I could not see the names, and placed them in a ring around the table.  I then opened the envelopes (unable to see the name on the yellow card or the envelope) and moved each yellow card one envelope to the left.  I then sealed the envelopes, and shuffled them again...without looking at the names.

This will make an "Assassination loop".  Meaning the only way you get your own card is if all the others are dead.

Special rules for this match.

When you are eliminated, you pass your current target card to the mechwarrior that eliminated you but keep the cards of those mechs you eliminated.

There is no murphy award for this battle, but you will get an extra 2 Million C-Bills and 1 Fame per card that you are holding at the end of the night. (Mechs that you assassinated)

Once can only attack the person whose card you have.  You can keep it a secret or show the world...the only person that needs to validate you have the correct card is your target, and if they ask to see your card, you must show them.

The one exception to the No attacking non-target rule is...You may make a "push" attack against a mech that is preventing you from moving.  For example you figure you will protect yourself from your unknown assassin, and back yourself into a corner.  Your assassin moves in to base to base with you.  Effectively trapping you in the corner.  In the physical attack phase you may attempt a Push attack, to give yourself some room to escape in the following movement phase.  Remember you must have two arms to make a pushing attack.

If someone can't make it that night, the person that was to assassinate them will open their envelope and take the inside card as their new target.

Don't like that you can't shoot back at the person that is shooting at you...too bad.  Kill the 10 guys in your way to get their card and when it is only the two of you left...then you can attack them.

Last mechwarrior standing gets a free mech from any list they may legally purchase from.