Saturday, February 11, 2012

Solaris Olympaid Grand Finale...Aka the Royal Rumble

Rumble Contest Rules!

So here is how the Grand Finale will work.  The winner of this event will be crowned Solaris Olympiad Champion.

We will be using the Coliseum map.
All the standard coliseum rules apply...raising walls and such.

The First two contestants will enter the Coliseum on turn #1.

Every odd turn after that another mech will enter the battle from a random map doorway.

Entry points for each contestant will be Random.. The Coliseum has 16 entry points.  When the turn starts, but before initiative cards are flipped, The player that in entering the battle will Roll a D20 and take the corresponding entry door (re-roll 17-20).  The first two entrants can't use the same door, so if the 2nd player rolls the same entry gate roll again.

Should someone be standing in the doorway chosen, place the mech, on the map as close to the doorway as possible, facing in any direction.  This placement happens before the movement phase.

Now for the key bit of information.  Entry order will be determined by FAME.  Lowest Fame to Highest.  So the lowest two fame will take the field first., then every other turn the next lowest player will bring their mech onto the field.  So it might be 20 turns before the highest fame mech actually enters the arena.  Again, the last mech standing will be declared champion.This change will give much more meaning to the final event, giving everyone a chance...(and reason) to play.

However if we have any new players or reset characters for the final match...they will bump to the bottom of the list and be the first players on the field.

In addition to the benefit of entering the arena later with the higher fame.  Off board time and Mech declaration will be from low Fame to high.  So the higher your fame, the more about the opposing mechs you will know before making your selection.

Be on the lookout of the off board time and mech selection email.

We will use the Fame standings after the assassin match to determine Clan selections for the next campaign.

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