Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stable: Huntsmen

Name: Huntsmen

Any Periphery

Rating: A

Mechs Lists Available: 
Solaris mechs

Minimum Fame Required: 4

Character Point (CP) Cost: 11

C-Bill Entry Fee:   1,250,000

Special Abilities:  When originally founded this Stable was know for carrying out duels to the death.  Though they will never surrender, Huntsmen mechwarriors are now willing to accept the surrender of an opponent.  They are currently feuding with Banshee Stables and have been for the last year.    

  • May not Surrender
  • May purchase Solaris Mechs
  • May use Solaris technology for upgrades.
  • -10% to final repair costs.
  • -1 To Hit for any Banshee stable mech at the cost of 1 extra heat per weapon or physical attack.

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