Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Red" Reviews: Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)

Name: Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)

Mech Class: Medium

Weight: 55 Tons

Tech Base: Clan

Primary Manufacturer:
Clan Steel Viper
(Available to all Clans)

Olympiad Mechwarrior:
Harry "Flashy" Flashman (Fab)

The Vapor Eagle first appeared around 3055 in the use of Clan Steel Viper as a "second-line" BattleMech. It was dubbed Goshawk by the Inner Sphere for its unusual bird-like design. However, this seems to serve a purpose. While most 'Mechs rely on sheer jump jet power to get airborne and are often not very aerodynamic, the Vapor Eagle's swooping-pauldron design apparently helps alleviate the lack of precision and stability most jump jet-equipped 'Mechs have. It is equipped with nine tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor.

The Clan Vapor Eagle BattleMech focuses a good deal on speed and maneuverability, and its weapons configuration accentuates close-range firepower. The Streak SRM-2s require a lock on to strike a target making it impossible to waste ammunition on a missed shot and its cluster of Machine Guns and Medium Pulse Lasers perform fairly well at close range. However, its Targeting Computer and Large Pulse Laser make many Inner Sphere tactical analysts wonder about its true purpose. True, most medium or heavier 'Mechs have at least one long-range weapon to help round out their capabilities, but the combination of a targeting-system and short-range weaponry is unusual. It wasn't until Clan culture became more understood that Inner Sphere observers figured out the Goshawk was designed as a duelist for the one-on-one fights that are prevalent in Clan society. Nonetheless, the Vapor Eagle has rather decent firepower, as long as it can get its weapons in range.

Saffron's Analysis:   If ever there was a mech designed for Solaris VII, this might be it.  Clan Pulse lasers and a targeting computer are a deadly match, especially when on such a fast and agile machine. The Goshawk does have to get close to unleash all it's firepower, but it is maneuverable enough to do so.

The Ammo racks might be this mechs only weakness.

Rating: 9 of 10

Tech Readout:

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