Wednesday, October 12, 2011

S. O. S. Profile: Gordon "Chef" Ramsay

Name: Gordon Ramsay 

Callsign: Chef

Player: Dave

 Lyran Alliance - House Steiner

Staff Sergeant Major

(Head Chef)

3rd Royal Guard;
Command Staff Support

Current Battlemech:
Highlander HGR-732

Arena Kills:0

Best finish: 
7th of 12- Battle #8 - (Jungle)

Current Stable: none

Current Sponsors: none

Background:  Gordon Ramsey is the pride of the 3rd Royal Guard.  Not for his ability on the field of battle, but for his skills in the kitchen.  

 He started out as the typical Lyran mechwarrior, though he has always had problems dealing with authority figures.  Working better alone than as part of a unit, Ramsay usually found the wrath of his XO.  This along with a tough as nails attitude landed him on the receiving end of verbal abuse from many a commanding officer.  Time and time again he was re-assigned after he outlasted the worst his CO could throw at him.

That was until he landed in the 3rd Royal Guard.  It was there they accidentally discovered Ramsay's skill in the kitchen.  His prepration of a field ration kit, so impressed his CO, he was re-assigned to the Command Company and eventually became the head chef for the battalion when on combat deployment.  There he is the one barking orders to his subordinates, using his past experiences on the receiving end and turning them about..

He comes to the Solaris Olympiad representing the Lyran Alliance.  He is a replacement for Archibald "Apollo" Kennedy in the top tier of Olympiad contestants.  Kennedy was found dead in an alley behind the Coliseum arena.  Many think he was removed by an over zealous Lyran supporter, after "Apollo" foolishly teamed with the Clan Ghost Bear contestant against other inner sphere mechwarriors.   

"Chef" Ramsey solo style has served him well in the Olympiad so far.  Though he lost his mech, an Axman, in his last match.  He has been placed in the Main event for Battle #7 "The Commando Challenge".  Representing House Steiner, in the Steiner Coliseum, in a match sponsored by the Archon herself is a tall order...But as always Ramsey is up for the challenge.