Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stable: White Hand Stables

Name: White Hand Stables

Faction: House Davion

Rating: A

Mechs Lists Available: 
Davion, ComStar

Minimum Fame Required: 15

Character Point (CP) Cost: 25

C-Bill Entry Fee: 3,500,000

Special Abilities:  This Stable trains long range weapon fire discipline.  They are also trained to aim for center mass of the mech and aviod hitting the head of their target.  An influx of Comguard mechwarriors after Tukayyid gives this Stable strong times to ComStar.

  • Long Range Expert: -1 to hit bonus for Long range attacks (+3 total)
  • Dislikes Close fighting: +1 to hit penalty for Short range and physical attacks (+1 total)
  • Must re-roll damage that hit a targets Head and accept the 2nd result.
  • Close ties to Comstar allows for purchases from ComStar mech list

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